5 Resources for Personal & Spiritual Growth (For You & Your Church)

November 13, 2013 — 3 Comments

This week I’m guest blogging for Injoy Stewardship Solutions. Injoy is one of the strategic ministry partners of Northpark Church.

If you’re a pastor or church leader, I want to invite you over to visit Injoy‘s website.

spiritual growth

This week I’ll be doing a 3-part mini-series that covers these topics:

  • 3 Keys to Create a Thriving Culture of Generosity in Your Church
  • How to EXPLODE Generosity from the Pulpit
  • “Thou Shalt Be Inwardly Focused”…Said Jesus Never

This blog mini-series will help grow your church spiritually and hopefully challenge your personal generosity.

Today I also want to share with you 5 resources that will enhance spiritual growth for you and your church.

  1. Free Sermon Series, Graphics, & Video Bumpers.

    If you’re a church planter or pastor of a growing church, you need to check out the resource vault of Anthony Braswell. Pastor Anthony is the Lead Pastor of Northpark Church and he has a HUGE heart to help equip other pastors.

    You can spend thousands of dollars on relevant sermon series, graphics, and video intros/bumpers, or you can check out his resource vault and get tons of great content for free. Click here to check it out.

  2. Daily Live Worship Podcast.

    This is a powerful worship podcast that you’ve probably never heard of. Daily Live Worship was created by the late Bryan Clift. This 30-minute podcast focuses on 2 things: live prayer & live musical worship.

    There are over 160 archived episodes and Pastor Bryan’s anointing is evident in each one.

    I like listening to an episode many mornings on my drive to work. It helps set a tone of worship for the entire day.

    Some of his older episodes are my favorite. You can check them out by clicking here.

  3. David & Goliath book by Malcolm Gladwell.

    This is the latest book by New York Times best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell. It’s a must-read for all leaders.

    It focuses on how our perceived personal weaknesses can be turned into our greatest personal strengths.

  4. YouVersion‘s ESV Study Bible Plan.

    This is the Bible reading plan that I’m currently working through.

    It helps me to stay consistent in my daily reading of God’s Word.

    I really like it because each daily devotional includes Old Testament scripture, New Testament scripture, and a reading from Psalms or Proverbs. There’s great balance (at least for me) in this reading plan.

  5. Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Amy Porterfield.

    Amy Porterfield is an entrepreneur and expert at social media marketing. Her podcast focuses on how to better attract and serve new clients in the business world.

    Each time I listen to an episode I think, “Wow, this is great content that churches could use.”

    This podcast is full of tons of practical “how to” information.

QUESTIONS: What is the one resource that has helped you most in your personal and spiritual growth? What is the one resource that has most blessed your church?

  • http://dbartosik.com/ David Bartosik

    Loved some of these resources you put on here man – Malcolm gladwell is fantastic! blink and the tipping point!

    I have been really impacted by john pipers desiring god- great great read with a life changing picture of biblical theology

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      David, I’m glad the resources blessed you!

      I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell. And I’ve never read John Piper’s “Desiring God” so I’ll put that one on my reading list.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.

  • Durrani Farm

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    Really awesome efforts you have shown.