The 5 Types of Givers–Which One Are You?

November 20, 2013 — 4 Comments

You were created to be generous.

Nothing feeds the soul more than aiming to serve and bless others.

5 Types of Giversphoto credit: Brent Nelson via photopin cc

In The Bible and in the church, I’ve learned that there are only 5 types of givers.

Every single person fits into one of these categories. As you read this article, ask yourself these 2 questions:

What type of giver am I right now?

How can I grow?

The 5 Types of Givers in the Church:

  1. Non-Givers

    Non-Givers ask, “How can I spend MY money?

    Did you know that the majority of people have never given anything to their local church?

    You’ll never be able to experience the full promises of God until you learn to live life with an open hand.

    Everyone has something to give.

  2. God Tippers.

    These are the people that “give a little” to the church.

    God Tippers ask, “Do I feel impressed to give MY money today?

    The typical church member gives less than $200/year. Most people never move past this level of giving.

    Does this make you a bad person or an inferior Christian? No.

    God doesn’t love you more when give or less when you don’t.

    But He does want you to be generous.

    God is jealous for your love.

    Take the next step in your giving and show Him you love Him.

  3. Proportional Givers (Tithers)

    Proportional givers ask, “What am I earning so I can return the first 10% back to God?

    Tithing demonstrates love, trust, and submission to an all-powerful Savior.

    It’s one of the greatest acts of obedience a Christian can practice.

    You might ask, “Really, what’s the big deal?

    Here’s the big deal: God must be first!

    This is a principal that runs throughout the Bible.

    Remember, the 10 Commandments? What was first commandment?

    You shall have no other Gods before me (Exodus 20:3).

    I think God was also saying, “You must have no other love before me.

    This includes the love of money.

  4. Generous Givers

    Generous givers ask, “God, How much of YOUR money should I give?

    Here’s one thing God has taught me over the years:

    If you’re not growing in your personal generosity, you’re likely not growing in your relationship with Christ.

    Generous givers are obedient when the Holy Spirit prompts.

  5. Radical Givers

    Radical givers ask, “God, How much of YOUR money should I KEEP so I can UNLEASH the rest to save the lost?

    Each day of his ministry was freely given away to save and serve others.

    Does that describe you? Is each day a new opportunity to serve others? Do you see your money simply as a tool to be the hands and feet of Christ?

    Radical givers realize that bold steps honor God and God honors bold steps.

Here’s my challenge to you–make a commitment over the next 90 days to move to the next level in your giving.

Ask God to grow your faith, grow your influence, and grow your capacity to give.

We serve a generous God who delights in answering the prayers of His children!

QUESTIONS: What’s holding you back from passionately pursuing Christ in your personal generosity? How has God honored you as you’ve been faithful in this area?

  • Caleb

    I think the thing that often holds me back is just fear. Fear that if I give God this money then I won’t have enough money for some other need in my life. It seems that constant message that giving teaches me is trust. To really give I must trust God to provide.

    • Larry Poole

      Hey Caleb, even when we have a generous heart, I don’t think that fear ever fully goes away…at least that has been my experience.

      I have, however, learned to understand that we serve a God who literally can’t be out-given.

      My favorite reason to give is because it allows me to grow my faith and trust in Him.

  • TCAvey

    It’s easy to say I’d like to be a Radical Giver, but much harder to do. We are generous, especially since we are on a fixed budget (all to God’s glory, He pays our bills and allows us to enjoy so many wonderful things) but we aren’t Radical.

    Great post. Inspires me to seek God more diligently, to honor Him with my time, talent,s money and whatever else I have to give. May every breathe be to His glory. After all, He is the one who gives me each breathe.

    • Larry Poole

      Hey TC, I feel like giving is a continuum. I feel like I’ve been in each of these 5 stages during my Christian walk.

      I do want to always be as generous as possible though…even when I don’t feel like it.

      When we truly demonstrate that it all belongs to God and we are just His managers, we allow ourselves to be even greater conduits of His miracles and grace.