Pastor, 6 Actionable Steps to Increase the Offering THIS Sunday!

August 16, 2013 — 7 Comments

NEVER be afraid to encourage people to give.

Jesus taught constantly on money and possessions. Don’t believe me? Consider this:

  • Jesus talked about money more than He did Heaven and Hell combined.
  • Jesus talked about money more than anything except the Kingdom of God.
  • 11 of the 39 Biblical parables deal with money.
  • 1 out of every 7 verses in the gospel of Luke discusses money.

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If it was important to Jesus, it should be important to you too.

Here are 6 actionable steps to increase the offering this Sunday:

  1. Practice the 1-to-5 Principle.

    For every one minute of service time that is dedicated to the offering, spend 5 minutes in preparation. Don’t make the mistake of simply “winging it.” Approach the offering with the same level of focused preparation that you do for your sermon.

    It’s EXTREMELY important. The offering funds all the ministries of your church.

    Prepare. Spend time in prayer. Be deliberate. Rehearse the moment in your head. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak.

    Don’t know where to start? Brian Kluth has put together a list of 100 Bible verses that encourage generosity. You can check out the list here. This should get your creative juices flowing.

  2. Slow Down & Let Your People Know It’s Coming.

    This one is easy. Don’t rush. Spend a few minutes each service giving an “Offering Talk.” This is the 3-5 minutes directly prior to the offering. It serves two purposes–to let the congregation know what’s coming and to usher in a time of worship.

    I start every Offering Talk by saying something to this effect:

    In about 3 minutes we will worship the Lord in giving. I invite you to prepare your gifts over these next couple of minutes if you haven’t already done so. We are a member-supported church. Everything we are able to do and accomplish is because of your generosity. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    These introductory statements are then followed by a relevant Scripture or relevant story.

    Very simple. But it works.

  3. Connect Giving with Worship.

    Use every Offering Talk to engage your congregation in worship. The apostle Paul describes giving as “a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God (Philippians 4:18).”

    Giving is not transactional. It’s relational. It connects us with the heart of God.

    Remind your people weekly that giving ushers in the presence of God. It’s as important as the singing. As important as prayer. As important as the message.

  4. Cast Vision.

    At Northpark Church, our vision is simple–We exist to build life-long followers of Christ.

    Our church leadership recently made the decision to sponsor a missionary to Bangladesh. This decision aligns with our corporate vision. We celebrated this during an Offering Talk.

    Make sure to celebrate ministry wins in public with your congregation. Tell a story. Give a testimony. Demonstrate that lives are being changed.

    Show how money is being used to accomplish Kingdom work. Give people the opportunity to become emotionally invested in your church’s vision.

  5. Lead from the Front.

    Pastor, you can only take people as far as you are willing to go yourself.

    Re-evaluate your own spirit? Are you giving cheerfully or grudgingly?

    You don’t have to be the largest donor in your church. But you better be a leader in this area.

    Your church will never reach the heights you desire if you don’t have integrity in your personal generosity. It just won’t happen.

  6. Turn Up the Lights.

    No great nugget of wisdom here. Just know that people can’t write checks in the dark.

There’s no magic pill for increasing generosity in your church. But if you are willing to teach your people what the Bible says, funds will grow.

Greater funds = greater ministry opportunities = a greater number of souls saved. Simple.

What are some other actionable steps that you’ve used to grow generosity in your church?

  • charles-Linda Haynes

    As always, good stuff. Keep up the good work.

    • Larry Poole

      Thank you Chuck & Sue! I always appreciate the encouragement.

  • Dan Black


    These are some great nuggets of wisdom. Pastors should become more intentional and deliberate about offering times. I believe teaching Biblical truths is one of the best ways to prompt people to give. Great post!

    • Larry Poole

      Couldn’t agree more Dan! Effective teaching, and vision casting, is the key to growing generosity in any church!

  • Thelma Trent

    I love this stuff it good keep up good work we all need to do our part.

    • Larry Poole

      Thelma, thank you for your encouragement. I’m happy that these posts are blessing you..and that you’re taking the time to stop by and read them!

  • Emmanuel Ankra-Badu

    Joyfully True. Giving is pure worship!