Do You Have a Crush on Jesus?

August 19, 2013 — 6 Comments

The biggest threat faced by the church today is not from people who are hell-bent on destroying the message of Christianity.

The biggest threat faced by the church today is the countless thousands of cultural Christians who are walking around with a crush on Jesus.

Love Crush

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People who straddle the fence–pursuing things of this world with one hand while raising the other hand in worship giving props to the Savior.

Want to know if you have a crush on Jesus?

Here’s some possible indicators.

You might have a crush on Jesus if…

You have tattoos of crosses, crowns, or Scriptures, but have never actually told a co-worker, family member, or friend about Christ.

The only people who know you are a Christian are your church friends.

You cuss, smoke, and drink slightly less than your non-Christian friends do.

You spend more time tweeting Scripture than you spend actually studying it.

You give money to the church as long as it doesn’t interfere with your vacation, new car purchase, or shopping habit.

You ask yourself questions like, “How far can I go without actually sinning?” You push the boundaries and are okay with doing the bare minimum.

Your prayer life is essentially non-existent.

Your beliefs on topics such as abortion and sex are more grounded in progressive cultural theology than they are the Bible.

You think your vision for your local church supersedes the vision of your lead pastor.

You judge church visitors based on race, economic, and/or social status. Show me in the Bible where Jesus ever did that.

You think your spiritual gift is to publicly “critique” ministries within the church, but you seldom serve in any of them.

You smile, shake hands, and worship on Sunday mornings with the best of them. Then go home and treat your spouse and kids like the devil.

You share confidential information about members of your church to anyone who will listen while using the phrase, “We need to pray for…” What you are doing is gossip. It’s also sin (Romans 1:29-32).

You’ve been offended at least once reading this list, but can’t refute anything I’ve said with Scripture.

Look, I was a cultural Christian for most of my life. But here’s what I’ve come to realize:

Jesus didn’t leave his throne in Heaven, endure all the temptations of the flesh, and die a sinner’s death merely to gain a small portion of your affection…

…He wants and deserves your WHOLE heart!

Christianity has gotten a bad rap for long enough. It’s time for us to quit playing church.

Let’s start loving people to the cross while simultaneously speaking the Word of God with boldness and truth!

It’s time to stop condemning everyone else for their sin, but failing to clean up our own.

It’s time to stop letting the Holy Spirit in on parts of our lives, but locking Him out of others.

It’s time to stop creating a holy persona on social media, but failing to invest the time alone with God to back it up.

It’s time to stop crushin’ on Jesus.

It’s time to start being the church!

  • Chad

    Preach it Larry! My prayer is that the Holy Spirit help us break out of this mentality and be the followers of Christ he wants us to be.

    • Larry Poole

      Chad, I couldn’t agree more. The Holy Spirit has great things in store through us if we’ll just let Him work!

  • Michael Holmes

    There was one in there that really stung. But I needed to hear it. Thanks Larry for a sobering message :)

    • Larry Poole

      Michael, there were several in there that sting for me.

      Thank you for stopping by! I love everything you’re doing at Keep up the great work!

  • Arlen Miller

    Are you talking about lukewarmness?

    • Larry Poole

      Absolutely. Lukewarmness is exactly what I’m referring to.