16 Smart Questions Every Pastor & Church Leader Must Ask.

April 1, 2014 — 1 Comment

If you want your church to be more effective in reaching people for Jesus, it’s important to constantly improve.

Learn what works. Learn what doesn’t. Make changes.

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Here are 16 smart questions that all pastors & church leaders must ask.

  1. Is the church as hungry as it used to be?

    Reaching the lost is tough business. It’s easy to become comfortable and let your foot off the gas.

    But complacency is the enemy of growth.

    Make sure you’re always moving forward.

  2. What small changes can I make today that will help me become a more effective leader?

    This could be as simple as waking up 1 hour earlier to pray and study, making it a habit to exercise daily, or spending more time with you spouse.

  3. Does the church have an engaging online presence?

    Let’s be honest, many people will find your church via Google and then decide whether or not to visit based solely on the “vibe” of your website.

    Is your website easy-to-navigate and appealing to guests? If not, it’s time to step-up and make that investment.

    Here are 3 churches in Raleigh, NC that get it right!

  4. How likely is it that a first-time visitor would recommend your church to a friend?

    Is your church trying to keep the people you already have or reach new people?

    The latter is much more important.

    Does your Sunday morning experience communicate, “We were expecting you and are excited that you are here?

  5. Does core leadership intimately understand the mission of your church? Do your members?

    Your mission should become part of your church’s DNA.

    At Northpark Church, we say this phrase each and every service:

    We exist to build life-long followers of Christ.

  6. Am I adequately investing in myself?

    I recently heard Warren Buffett say, “The most valuable thing an individual can do is invest in themselves.

    What book are you reading? What conference are you attending in the next 6 months? What personal goals are you currently working towards?

  7. Am I protecting my sabbath?

    If you let it, ministry will soon become a 24/7 job. And it’ll rob your passion.

    Pick one day a week to rest and do whatever it takes to protect it.

    If you do it your way instead of God’s way, burnout will soon become your reality.

  8. Is my family suffering at the expense of my ministry?

    First and foremost, you are a pastor to your family.

    Only you can be a husband to your wife and a dad to your kids.

    I’ve heard my pastor say often:

    I’ll never be a pastor to your family at the expense of my own.”

  9. What is one church system that could be improved today?

    Northpark Church recently created an “Online Connections Card” in order to more effectively communicate with our first-time guests.

    Check it out by clicking here.

    We got the idea from The Creative Pastor.

    Do your church a favor and read this awesome article that can help your church improve:
    7 Innovative Ideas for the 21st Century Church

  10. Do I have the right people on the bus?

    Is there someone you need to hire or fire?

    The right decisions aren’t always the easiest ones.

  11. Is church leadership adequately appreciating and recognizing our volunteers?

    The church couldn’t function without faithful volunteers.

    Our sister church Bridgepointe does a great job of recognizing volunteers. Here’s an example of a simple gesture that goes a long way:

  12. If your church closed its doors tomorrow, would the community notice?

    Are you serving “the least of these” in your city?  

    Are you truly making an eternal impact?

    Is the church being generous towards people and organizations that have little to offer in return?

  13. Do I have a Paul, Timothy, and Barnabas in my life?

    Who are you learning from on a regular basis? Who are you are investing in? Who serves as your accountability partner and encourager?

    I wrote and entire post on this topic which you can check out by clicking here.

  14. Am I asking for constructive criticism from people I trust?

    It’s impossible to get better unless you’re actively “seeking” constructive criticism.

    Don’t be afraid to ask the question: “What could be improved?

  15. Is the church providing enough avenues for people to give?

    Your church will never be fully-funded if the only time people can give is when the offering plates are passed during Sunday services.

    Online giving, mobile giving, kiosk giving, and even text-to-give should become part of your financial strategy.

  16. Does my church have clear “next steps” to help new Christians grow in their walk?

    Do you have a discipleship plan in place that transcends your Sunday morning worship experience?

    Do you have a system to help new believers grow their faith?

QUESTION: What smart question would you add to the list? What one change has had the greatest impact at your church?

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    These are some great questions! The best churches raise up and develop leaders on every level and in every ministry.