Why I Quit Tithing Years Ago and Why You Should Too

September 3, 2013 — 281 Comments

Most people simply don’t understand tithing.

To many Christians it seems like some sort of country club due. Another bill in the long list of monthly expenses.

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Giving is supposed to be an act of worship that draws you closer to the heart of God.

Then why is it that the concept of tithing, giving the first 10% of one’s income, has become so divisive in the church?

Christians debate questions like:

Is tithing still even required? Wasn’t it an Old Testament law? Didn’t Christ abolish the law with His death and resurrection?

Should I tithe off the gross or net of my income?

Does God really expect me to tithe if I’m struggling in my personal finances?

I “tithe” my time to the church. Isn’t that enough?

These questions all have the same recurring theme–what’s the least I can give and still receive God’s blessings.

When you debate these questions, you totally miss the point.

To an all-powerful, all-loving God. A God who gave everything in his son Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

Randy Alcorn said it best: “Giving affirms Christ’s lordship. It dethrones me and exalts Him.”


I used to write checks to my church that looked like this: $112.14.

To the penny. Nothing more. Nothing less.

There’s my 10% God. Hopefully that’ll cover the upkeep in Heaven until my next paycheck. Now bless me.”

I didn’t get it.

God didn’t need my money.

He wanted proof that He was first in my life. He wanted me to trust Him completely. He wanted to grow my faith.

And yes, He wanted to bless my finances tremendously. But only if I trusted Him completely.

As I began to mature in my spiritual walk, it all started to make sense.

EVERYTHING belongs to God (Psalm 24:1). The more I trust Him with my finances, the more He can use me to reveal His glory. The more I get to be a conduit for His miracles. The more my faith gets to be tested and grown.

And that’s why I quit tithing.

Don’t hear me wrong. I still give the first 10% of my income to God through my local church. I think 10% is a great starting point.

But I’ve started asking a different question. A question that’s radically changing my life.

It’s no longer, “How much should I give?”

Instead, I’ve started asking, “How much should I keep?”

And I’m no different from you. I’m an average guy. I’m not a millionaire. I’m not expecting a windfall of cash from a rich relative any time in the near future.

I just recognize that my God is sufficient to meet and exceed all my needs.

I believe God when He says:

Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” (Malachi 3:10b).

When the Holy Spirit prompts me, I respond.

It’s simple.

I can’t say it’s always easy. But I can promise you that it’s taking me to spiritual heights I’ve never experienced before. The character of God is being revealed to me in a whole new way.

Is it possible that you’re limiting God with your giving?

Maybe you’re obedient with the first 10%, but completely unwilling when the Holy Spirit prompts you further.

Perhaps God is calling you to do more financially than you’ve ever done before.

Instead of being comfortable, maybe it’s time for you to give in a way that’s going to require FAITH again.

It probably won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.

God doesn’t just want your first 10%. He wants your whole heart.

What are some ways God has used you as you’ve taken “faith steps” in your personal generosity?

  • http://missionallendale.wordpress.com/ Joey Espinosa

    I remember learning this for the first time as a grad student. I had bought some stuff for the church, and was going to get reimbursed. I don’t remember the exact amount, but it wasn’t much, like $50. But that’s a lot of money to a grad student.

    I remember sitting at the table and being overcome with the thought, “Can I trust God with $50? Can I trust him with everything?”

    I must have sat there for 10 minutes, before getting up and throwing away the receipt. It was the start of me understanding that God owns everything, and He will take care of me. And He will never let me out-give Him.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Joey, I had a similar experience as a 23 year old. God prompted me to give a $50 offering and it was literally everything I had at the time. To this day, it’s still the hardest gift I’ve ever given. That’s what started my generosity journey.

      I love what you said. You can’t out-give God. I am learning that God honors those who fully trust him.

      Sometimes its scary, but it’s completely worth it.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing. What a great story!

  • Sarah

    I love this post! This line especially: “It probably won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.” I’ve found this to be true in my life. When God has specifically called me to give, He has always been faithful to provide for my needs. Not always my wants (who really needs ALL the latest movies or ten brand new books), but He has not let me go hungry or without power when I’ve trusted Him with my finances. It has been worth it to trust Him!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Sarah, I totally agree. Many, if not most, Christians never get to experience what you’re describing because they’re hesitant to trust God with their finances.

      It’s a scary first step, but it’s also a HUGE faith stretcher. My wife and I try never to get comfortable in our giving. We want to always be reliant on God.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing!

  • Adam Byerly

    Great message Larry! For my wife and I we gave our money above and even a little beyond the 10%, but realized eventually that even though our pocketbooks might be doing the right things our hearts still weren’t. We realized we had been serving God in the church (choir, youth group assistants, etc.), but had never opened our hearts to serving God full time in ministry or missions. I remember my wife weeping and us both saying to each other, “Are we willing to lay everything on the line?”

    Once we could say yes it has been amazing to see God work in our lives. We never saw ourselves as missionaries to another country, but now we can’t see ourselves in any other way. It is still a daily struggle to battle that self within us, but by God’s grace we have had the opportunity to see the blessing He has for us when we step out in faith.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Adam, I’m so proud of you man. You’ve always been someone whom I’ve respected greatly.

      I can’t even imagine the faith it must require to be a missionary. I’ve been reading a lot about Paul lately. It absolutely amazes me how through all the adversity, he never questioned God. He simply obeyed.

      When are you guys heading back to Spain? Hopefully we can connect in the near future.

      • Adam Byerly

        It has been such a great journey. Of course there are challenges, but the joy of serving is above and beyond. We are planning on returning to Spain as career missionaries. Right now we are trying to raise support, so calling lots of churches, making lots of contacts, and just sharing our burden for working with MKs and Spaniards. We hope to be back on the field within 2 years. We’ll stay in touch, I’d love to connect sometime too.

        • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

          Hey man, can you shoot me your wife’s blog url? I’d love to stay up-to-date on what you guys are doing.

          Thanks in advance Adam.

          • Adam Byerly

            My wife’s blog is http://emsespanaescapade.blogspot.com
            You can also check out our website http://www.thebyerlys.com. If you have an email address, we could also put you on our mailing list for our monthly updates.

            • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

              Thanks Adam. I’m going to email you now. Would love to be added to your mailing list!

      • T Anne

        Maybe we all need a sudden meeting with Jesus and get knocked down and blinded temporarily to really know that JESUS is LORD……Bet we would all obey then….for sure.


      Tithing is never mentioned after the death and Resurrection of Jesus. These greedy Pastors are now preaching to give more than ten per cent. The Catholic church has progressed by not preaching tithing…….

  • http://danblackonleadership.com/ Dan Black

    Amen! God wants 100 percent of our life and heart, not just the 10%
    of the tithe. Giving God our heart and tithe go hand in hand. Thanks for anther great post!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Dan, thanks for the props! I always appreciate when you stop by.

      I want us to collaborate soon. I’ve got a leadership interview in mind. :-)

      • http://danblackonleadership.com/ Dan Black

        Your welcome. Love your content! Yes, let’s try and chat again soon. Maybe this weekend.

        • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

          Anytime Dan! Just shoot me a text or give me a buzz.

          • http://danblackonleadership.com/ Dan Black


  • Audra Rogers

    Nail on the head Larry, nail on the head! I am not where I need to be on the subject, and I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for saying it out loud.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Audra, welcome back!

      I don’t think any of us are where we need to be on the subject. Generosity is a process. I usually encourage people by saying, “Just start wherever you are in the process and give God the opportunity to work.”

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  • Michael White

    Here is scripture to backup what you are saying. Heb. 7. time for a change in the law, time for a priesthood change. Heb. 8:13 In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.

    They say tithe so God can bless you. “you mean God can’t Bless you if you don’t pay your tithes?” If jesus wasn’t my everything offering I am doomed, because he wouldn’t have payed the price of fulfilling all the law. Look throughout the New Testament from Acts to Revelations the only time tithe is mentioned is when “Time for a change in the law time for a change in priesthood.” It does talk about giving though, because God is showing a new and better way to draw closer to Himself, other than the external regulations of do’s and don’ts, but rather giving from your heart. Thats what the new priesthood is all about “heart”. The only formula to being blessed by God is “Love God with all your heart mind and soul…Love your neighbor as your self” ” (Besides Confessing your sins and believing God raised Jesus from the dead). Then… your saved, all the blessings of his promises are yours, Your a Son of God now.
    Contend for the faith!
    Luk_18:8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

    Michael E. White

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Michael. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your insight.

      I don’t mind if people argue that Jesus fulfilled the law, and thus abolished the tithe. But only as long as they are making this argument as a basis for giving more, not less.

      Generosity does not bring salvation. But true salvation does bring generosity.

      As Christians, we should always be looking for ways to be more generous. Not only does it help spread the gospel of Christ, but more importantly giving is an act of worship.

      Thanks again.

      • Michael White

        Thanks for sharing that, you are dead-nuts-on. The rich young man came to Jesus asking him what must he do to inherit eternal life. Jesus said after saying sell all you have and give to the poor, “how hard it is for the that trust in enter into the kingdom of God”. He also said the kindom of God is within you. Luk_17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. What he is asking is to give from your heart what you have as promted. I know all of the religious talk about the defence of tithe, and giving money, but what God has shown me is how to give of your time, efforts, things you say, The spirit of giving, you know a heart felt and prompted thing. Wow can you imagine what the churches would be like if they taught giving over tithe, heart over regulation. It’s a heart thing, as the spirit of God bares witness. Keep up the Good work Larry I was sent to your sit by a friend of a friend of a friend. Keep contending for your faith what an awsome site.

        • Michael White

          I think I should add I do give of my money when prompted, Just listen for that still small voice inside you for…The kingdom of God is within you.

          • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

            Michael. Thanks for your thoughts. I love the idea of teaching giving/generosity over regulation. As Christians we should always be obedient to give as the Spirit prompts us.

            Great thoughts!

      • http://www.avclub.com/users/paul-kinsey,71501/ Paul Kinsey

        So it’s impossible for someone to give 5% of their income with their whole heart and a generous spirit?

  • deandeguara

    Great word on giving!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thanks Dean. And thanks for making the cyber-trip all the way from California to visit :-)

  • Brad Carter

    Awesome word! And perfect timing too! I’m ministering on this very thing this Sunday! Giving is designed to be a blessing not a burden! Understanding of this brings great freedom instead of the perceived bondage. Our Father knows exactly what we need and always provides! Thanks so much!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      I’ll pray for your message this weekend Pastor Brad.

      Every rule, regulation, or guideline given by God is not designed to keep us from anything. They are designed to protect and bless us.

      That’s exactly what giving does.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  • http://www.hutchinspired.com/ Charles Hutchinson

    Hi Larry, just found your blog from Jon Stallings blog. I know I’m a bit late to the comments but I just wanted to agree with you on these points. Especially the “10% is a great starting point.” It seems the more we give (without counting each nickel and dime) the more we actually have to give. We’ve seen so many miracles happen over our finances since we became givers vs. “tither’s”.

    I had this challenge from God recently, where we want to give to honor someone vs. giving only into needs. This is different than giving when we see a need, because it removes the attitude of “look at me, helping the poor!”

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Charles, thanks so much for swinging by and leaving a comment.

      My wife and I have also seen God multiply our finances tremendously since we’ve stretched ourselves and moved past 10%. Each year on our anniversary, we stretch ourselves a little more.

      We are being systematic in growing our giving. We don’t want to ever get to the point where we aren’t trusting in God.

      It’s been challenging, but also allowed us to mature in our spiritual walks.

  • Barb

    What do you do if you are on disability, and it is so low that to give 1o% would cause you to not be able to get your medicine, or eat until the end of the month? I trust my God totally, but I think He understands why I cannot give more. Am I supposed to go without my medicine so I can tithe? I want to do as God wants, but I am unsure if He wants me to do that. I run out of money most months before the end of the month.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Barb, thank you for you comments.

      Two things:
      1. Giving is not a salvation issue.
      2. Giving is designed not because God needs it, but because it blesses us.

      Don’t get hung up on a percentage. Whatever level you give at now, stretch yourself. If that’s 2%, 5%, 7%…whatever.

      Just give God an opportunity to stretch your faith. Set the stage for Him to show up and He will.

      I hope this helps.

      P.S. Have you ever taken a Dave Ramsey class? Are you familiar with him?

      • Barb

        No, I have not heard of him. I am newly reborn, just last year. I went to church as a child and then I got mad at God, because I thought He was mad at me, which now I know was silly. Instead of turning away from God, I should have clung tighter to Him. Anyway, we have made our peace, and God has totally forgiven me, Thank you, Lord. I have been baptized and became a member of Denbigh Baptist Church. I have taken bible studies from Sheila Walsh, Beth Moore, and Angela Thomas, plus I have read and studied many books on my own.

        • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

          WELCOME BACK!

          Your response made my heart smile! My story is similar to yours. I was made at God for a while and not living like I should.

          But there is so much more peace when God is in the driver’s seat.

          If you don’t mind, shoot me an email at larrypoolespeaks@gmail.com.

          I’d love to share with you about Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University. It’s basically a 9-week, one-night a week class (about 90 minutes) that teaches you how to manage money based on Biblical principles.

          If you have challenges making end’s meet (like many of us do), this is the class for you. Think of it as Budgeting 101. It’s changed my marriage and my life.

          Email me and I’ll send you a link.

          • Kaci Maynor

            Hi Mr. Poole,and to all commentors on here..
            Giving God The Glory ♥
            Can you please email me the info on managing money based on Bible Principles?
            We really need help.
            Thank You,
            and God Bless Everyone.

          • Maria Paguaga-Collado

            I was just baptized in September and am loving Jesus! I came from a Catholic background, but just did not know Him like I do now. As a Catholic, it’s common practice to just throw in about $20 in the basket. Now, I tithe a bit more than 10% of my gross salary. Before becoming a Christian, I just about made my bills monthly. So, I was very nervous when I first started tithing, but the day after I gave my first check, I got a letter in the mail saying my mortgage was lowered by about $350 due to a government program that just kicked in automatically. This is one example of how God has made it possible for me. It’s unbelievable how consistent I’ve been at giving more than ever. God has met every need, no issues at all. However, I could definitely use some knowledge on money management. If possible, please email me information on financial class you mentioned in a comment above. Thanks a lot, God bless you!

        • SARAH MAX

          It is hard we get older and cannot work for income or for disability, I’ve fallen behind a few times over the years, but aim very hard &very directly, at giving that first fruits.. but it’s VERY IMPORTANT & significant, it is not ‘following the Law’, it is Life.. and sometimes we do get very low on finances, but every time it seems we won’t make it, God comes through and pulls another miracle out of his pocket he never fails us we may fail him but he never fails us!

      • Ks resident

        Also remember the widow’s gift of 2 pennies was blessed beyond the hundreds that the rich were giving. God is not into prescentages, God wants us to give from our heart, even if it is just $1 or 1 penny. He will bless thos that give sacrificially from the heart.

    • Carolyn Longhenry Cochrun

      I too am on disability and when you look at my budget I have $150 left after regular bills to pay for household items and food. I divide my tithes between my church and another church that has a large food ministry and they use my money to help with that. God has always made a way for me to make it every month. I’ve never been hungry a day and I’ve never had to do without anything I really need. He provides all I need and much more. My church gave me a food basket at Christmas which enabled me to make it through the month with my grandchildren staying with me some of the time. I don’t know how God does it but I learned that when you give because you want to He will meet all of your needs including medicine and sometimes a few extra’s like yarn to make a baby blanket for my great niece’s baby due in April. God is so very good, don’t know how I ever made it without Him.

    • Goldenrule Group

      Hi Barb,

      As Christians we are to walk in faith not by sight! That means when we read in Mal 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it, that we in faith give and THEN God blesses that obedience.

      We give because we want to please and obey not bc God needs our money. He can make anything etc.

      So my challenge would be to truly walk in faith. Put God first in everything and let the result up to Him or as he says “prove Him”. God is ALWAYS faithful. Get a concordance AND look up ALL OF His promises. He says ‘If we ask anything in Jesus name the Father will give it. Christ redemption paid for our forgiveness, our deliverance, or healing, for everything IF we believe!

      So if you trust God in everything, you will no longer need medicine and God will bless you for your obedience. I know this might sound crazy and more Christians than not will tell you I’m wrong. But I challenge you to go to http://WWW.tlsm.org, click on WATCH OR LISTEN and then watch the testimonials that decided to believe God in everything. Its amazing and god answers according to our faith! God bless you sister.

      • Ray Smith

        No one should stop taking their meds without consulting with their doctor. Some meds are needed for life. Others have terrible withdrawal symptoms if they are stopped suddenly. Don’t throw away your ability to use rational thinking.

    • lemondrop1

      God is faithful you have to fully trust him. as my Pastor says, ‘you can never out give God” he blesses , like the woman who gave her last coin.

      • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

        Hey Barb, did you ever get a chance to read the book? Did you like it?

        Hope you are doing well.

      • wendell

        What way did the woman get blest? Jesus was watching how the pharises were exploiting a poor woman.:)

    • Cherie Frank McLaughlin

      I am on disability and find that if I squeeze out the 10 percent then God finds a way to make the rest of my money go farther. There is always more month than money for my home too. I usually run out after two weeks. God still provides the rest. I feel it is a test of faith. He cares for the birds in the sky and provides for them. Why not us. I am trying to be less stressed about it and more trusting…. It is for the church to survive.

  • http://www.allandubon.com/ Allan Dubon

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I have been waiting to hear this from someone. It is something I have felt in my heart for a long time, but hadn’t heard it put so eloquently. Thanks for sharing this great message!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Allan, I’m really EXCITED to see you drop by. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      I’m looking forward to connecting with you and learning from you! Keep up the great work with the podcast.

  • http://sukofamily.org/ Caleb

    I think it’s very useful to turn the question around like you did and instead ask “How much should I keep?” That question seems to really cut to the chase and help us reivalute our giving! Great post!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thanks you Caleb. That’s a hard question to ask many times.

      I know I have a generous spirit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not selfish too. I have to fight selfishness everyday…especially when God prompts me to do something outside of my comfort zone.

  • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

    Wow, Larry. That is powerful. You hit the target. Wow. Amen. Thanks so much for that. I feel your heart. Thanks so much for writing. And thanks so much for your visit to my site. I appreciate it very much! All the best in your writing!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Arlen, thanks for you kind words. The Holy Spirit really used me for this post so I can’t really take any of the credit :-)

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

  • http://www.alexbarker.org/ Alex Barker

    It’s interesting to think of tithing in that way Larry. I recently heard of a pastor who switched the tithing rules. He gives 90% away and keeps 10% for his family. Obviously he’s making much more than you and I. But I love the idea of pursuing wealth making opportunities and GIVING most it away. Sounds contagious

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Reverse tithing 90/10! What an awesome goal. I think the #1 goal of wealth building should be to serve others.

      Make as much as you can. Save as much as you can. Give as much as you can.

      That’s exactly how it should be. Thanks for weighing in.

      • Nicole M.

        Love these thoughts. “Make as much as you can. Save as much as you can. Give as much as you can.” Larry your blog lines up with another blogger I read @Crystal Paine moneysavingmom.com. She is teaching amazing things to moms about saving money to give to others. I enjoyed your article and shared it!

        • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

          Hey Nicole. I’ve never spoken personally with @CrystalPaine, but I’m a big fan of everything she does.

          Thanks so much for your kind words. I always appreciate the encouragement.

          And thank you for taking the time to share my article. I really want people to experience the joy of giving like my wife and I have.

          Have an awesome day!

    • Loran

      I knew a girl once who did this very thing! She made hardly any money, yet the Lord always made sure she had everything she needed, and a lot of what she wanted. It was a pretty neat testimony :)

      • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

        Wow, Loran! I’d love to hear her story. What I’m finding out is that when we truly allow ourselves to be conduits of God’s blessing, He uses us in mighty and powerful ways.

        We serve a God that can’t be out-given. We forget that many times!

        Thanks for your thoughts.

        • Loran

          She and I both were volunteering at a ministry, and we only recieved a $50 stipend a week…which isn’t much to live on…but enough. This gal (early 20′s) set aside 90% of her stipend to bless others with, and used the remaining 10% for her own needs. God blessed her amazingly with gifts from others, which increased her pool of resources, which further increased the amount she was giving back to God! It was really inspiring.

  • http://www.seannisil.com/ Sean Nisil

    Very well said Larry! It comes down to heart and faith. Not dollars and cents.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Sean, that’s a tweetable thought right there. Great stuff. Thank you for stopping by.

  • F Welch

    Jesus came to fulfill the law, not abolish it! Matthew 5:17-20

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Even more so why we should aim to be generous just as Christ was.

      Thank you for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

  • Ken Cannon

    I understand giving and trusting God, but what if you don’t trust the church that you are giving the money to? I just don’t trust many of the organizations these days. For me, God is everywhere. I pray all the time. I understand the value of congregation and studying the Bible, but I guess I feel like church is a racket these days, and I’m sure your answer will be to find a better church…

    • Anne-Marie Pfligler

      You do not have to tithe to the church you attend, find a ministry that you do trust & tithe to them. Some people tithe to KLove or Air1 radio stations. Others tithe to missionaries. There are many other places to tithe, just do your homework on where you plan to tithe & make sure they are doing God’s work.

      • WENDELL

        tITHING IS never mentioned in the new testament. These greedy Pastors want more than ten per cent to fulfill their greed.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Ken, I appreciate your concerns. I sometimes have the same concerns when I give to certain ministries and organizations.

      First, you’ve got to realize that the ultimate recipient of your gift isn’t the church. The primary purpose of giving all throughout the Scriptures was to worship God. It’s still the same today. God is the ultimate recipient of our gifts.

      I do believe that we should do our best to give to organizations and churches that closely align themselves with Biblical teachings, practices, and values. However, if you attempt to be a good steward and the church/organization still misuses the funds you’ve given, God still honors your gift and blesses you.

      I’d really encourage and challenge you to begin giving if you’re not already doing so.

      When we become generous, we’re able to connect with the heart of God in a whole new way…and it grows our faith immensely.

      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, you can feel free to email me at larrypoolespeaks@gmail.com. I’d be happy to help you any way I can.

      Thanks Ken for adding to the conversation!

    • Tabitha Johnson Dudley


      God taught me long ago about this issue. It’s my part in our relationship to give where He leads me to give. After I give, it becomes the responsibility of the receiver to use what I’ve been led to give as God leads them. They are the ones who will have to answer for what they do with what I give.

  • lemondrop1

    I too am disabled but at the beginning of the month I take the cash to tithe and put it aside. not because I have to but want to

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      That’s powerful. When we give sacrificially, God always honors our gift. Thank you for sharing this.


      Tithing is never practised in the new testament church. We catholics put as little as 1 cent yet we have progressed. I

  • mattgwin

    thanks for your great post. I was wondering if the “tweetable” quotes that stand out are from a function of the standard theme or a third party plug-in. I bought standard a couple years ago but haven’t kept up. Love that function though. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Matt, I’m glad your like it man.

      It’s not part of the Standard Theme. It’s actually a free WordPress plug-in called “Click to Tweet.”

      It’s super easy to use. I’d recommend it to any blogger.

      I’ve gotten much more engagement since I began using it about 6 weeks ago.

      If you’ve got any more questions, I’d be happy to help.

  • mbzguy

    I’ve always felt that 10% was the default mode. The real thing God wants is you. That means communicating. His best is for us to ask at every giving opportunity what He would like us to share. If I am hearing Him I am not afraid to put in 100%, because if He asks it He will take care of me. If my communication at that moment is clouded by something (sin, worry, doubt, etc.) then I should go to the default position of 10% and figure out why I couldn’t hear Him. My objective is to never have to go to the default position, but be in constant communication with the Father!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      That’s incredible. I’ve never quite thought of it that way! You are right. We should constantly be in communication and seek Spiritual direction on how He’d have us give.

    • wendell

      Where is this written? :)

  • Kyra

    I am a firm believer in the law of tithing. However, I think the title of your post is misleading. In my opinion, you did not “quit” tithing. I think really what it was, is that you gained a greater understanding of this gospel principle and how to live it more fully. I think that is what Jesus is trying to teach in Mark 12:41-44 when he observed the widow give her two mites. He says, “For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.” It’s all about the attitude. It’s like fasting; if you fast without a purpose, you are just going hungry. If you just pay tithing because you know should, you not only miss the point but miss out on opportunities for blessings, as testified in your post.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      When I wrote the title, I knew people would click on the article because they’d be looking for a way “not to give.” I wanted to challenge their way of thinking and hopefully bless them along the way.

      You and I are on the same page Kyra. I’m a strong believer in giving my first 10% to God too.

  • Lisa Weston

    thank you larry for this message. it took me a long time before i was convicted on the tithing issue. and once i began, i found that my 10% wasn’t enough. i was blessed to be able to increase the “top portion” for my giving, and in turn, i was blessed to be able to give to other areas of my local church’s ministries. i wanted to be able to give so that others could be reached – both in the local community and far from home.
    i lost my job back in february and have been unsuccessful in finding work since. as my finances shrunk, so was my ability to give. any little bit of cash i now get goes straight to the gas tank so that i can continue to seek work, and of course, make sure i can get to church three times a week (or more if there is a youth activity going on). if it’s not going to the gas tank, it supplements the money i get from the government for food to get those items that food stamps doesn’t cover. it breaks my heart that i’m unable to give financially like i once did. i do take some of the food money and help with our church’s street ministry by providing lunches once in a while or i’ll have a family from church over for dinner. i have to be able to give back to God somehow, so if i don’t have money (which is basically always) i’ll give back in some other way. i am always saying if i had a job, all i’d want is enough to pay my bills and the rest i’d use to help further God’s kingdom. that matters more to me than fancy cars, a big home or exotic vacations.

    thank you for providing a place for me to pour out my heart. i’m sorry if i strayed off topic at all.
    God bless.
    Lisa Weston

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Lisa, I’m so happy that you stopped by and shared your story. Please feel free to come back anytime or email me (larrypoolespeaks@gmail.com) if you have any questions. I’d love to chat with you.

      I want to encourage you! God doesn’t love us any more when we are able to give, or any less when we aren’t able to. The reason giving is important is because it draws us closer to the heart of God and grows our faith.

      If I can pray specifically for your job situation, please let me know how.

      God’s got great things in store as long as you’ll allow Him to use you.

      Have a blessed week Lisa.

  • DeAnna

    I am poor I give what I can and sometimes more when The Lord speaks to my heart to, even when I feel it will hurt me. However the church I recently joined conducted a very foreign procedure to me during tithing. They proceeded to count the tithes, in front of the congregation, as soon as tithes were being dropped off in the basket they were counting. Then after everyone had given and tithes were counted, they would announce the amount if it was good followed by applause. That was all peculiar to me, but even more so anothere time, when after counting the tithes they announced that they were “short” and encouraged us to come around and give again.

    This was a bit strange and off-putting to me, something i’d never witnessed of all the churches I’ve visited before. Now, the church I have pledged membership to, the first and only church
    I’ve ever joined in my 28yrs I am afraid to go to if I do not have any money to tithe. If I was not
    matured enough spiritually, it could have changed
    my whole view on churches, tithing, and religion in general.

    • DeAnna

      I enjoyed your article and do most certainly agree with it’s message Mr. Poole. I thought I might share this with you and gather your thoughts on this isolated incident.

      • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

        Hey DeAnna, I appreciate you sharing your story.

        I always try to decide if something is “good” by asking 2 questions:
        1. Is this Scriptural?
        2. Does it honor and glorify God?

        In Scripture, the receiving of tithes/offerings was a form of worship. In God’s eyes, the amount of the gift is irrelevant. He judges our gifts based on our personal sacrifice and the condition of our heart.

        Because I wasn’t there I can’t speak specifically to your situation. But I will say that churches should never “guilt” people into giving. That’s not Biblical.

        Churches should encourage, appreciate, and love their people–not shame them into giving.

        Pray for discernment, but know that God never wants us to give out of compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:7).

        I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

        • WENDELL

          Show me scripture where tithing is an act of worship. Show me tithing after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Did Peter and Paul preach tithing? Catholic church never preaches about tithing yet it progressed by leaps and bounds.

      • cares_about_alaska


        I grew up Catholic where giving IS guilted into you. When I got old enough I left and wandered for awhile. I didn’t join another church until I was in my mid 30′s. I loved it for 8 yrs until they brought in a a lesbian preacher. Left that one and wandered again until 3 yrs ago. I found a wonderful, non-denominational church and I don’t think I’ll ever leave. Heck, we went there 6 mths before we figured out where to even leave our tithe….they never, ever ask for it. It’s a gift from your heart, not something on a balance sheet. Like Larry, I haven’t seen your specific situation, but I would say that ANY church that your feel afraid to go to because of any reason….is not a church for you. I won’t judge or condemn that specific church, just saying you should never feel pressured into something….giving, going, etc. God is Love…period, and we should be too. In our homes, hearts and churches.

      • WENDELL

      Tithing is not mentioned in the New testamnet church. Please go and join the catholic church established by Jesus. We give as little as 1 cent yet we have progressed. http://www.bible-truths.com/tithing.html

  • Alana Doss

    I make very little income but I gladly pay my tithes faithfully, and support my missionary friend with $1/day. As for those who say they can’t afford it, I say you can’t NOT afford it. When you tithe, it’s like God just makes your money stretch a little further. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s God’s economics! If you trust Him with your finances, He will meet your needs. Every time. I never want to be accused of “robbing God” (Malachi 3:8) because I don’t have faith in my finances. Also, look at it from your pastor’s point of view. Your financial generosity is his income! How grateful are you for your pastor and pastor’s wife? Give! God knows what He’s doing when He asks tithes and offerings of us. It’s all for our good, all so we will learn to trust Him more. He’s such a good God and He will never fail to come through for you!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole


      I don’t think any comment on this article has excited me more than yours! You totally view giving as God does! Wow!

      When we give generously, sacrificially, and faithfully, we shift the burden of “being able to afford it” to God. And he has made a covenant promise with us that He always will.

      I love to tell people this:
      Despite your personal financial circumstances, the economy in Heaven is doing just fine :-)

      Thank you for blessing and encouraging me today! I’d love to connect with you in the near future!

      Have an awesome weekend.


      Did Joseph tithe? No he didnt. Only farm produce was tithed. http://www.bible-truths.com/tithing.html

    • Brenda Odom Bailey

      Amen and Amen I have found this to be true too Alana…

    • Tawanna

      Amen to that we as Christians should openly give to our Heavenly Father because he gave his Son that we might have everlasting life. Be blessed my sister in Christ.

    • wendell

      Alan a any scripture that shows tithing after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? :)

    • Elizabeth Jackson

      Amen Alana Doss!

  • Christine

    Loved this! As a student with a very small income, the 10% was daunting. Instead, I tried to reach out and buy grocceries for a friend in need, give to missionaries etc. Even when it was scary to do so, wondering if I could pay my bills. But God always provided.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      In my first job, I didn’t make much above minimum wage. But I always honored God with the first of my income.

      Looking back, it’s amazing how he has blessed me and grown my faith.

      Thanks for adding your input Christine!

  • velaph


    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      So true! Thank you for sharing.

  • Whitney Rawls

    Good message Larry at tearing down the barriers of tithing and helping us to understand that God wants us to give, not a number, not a percentage, but all of us. God wants us not our money. He already owns that.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Whitney, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog…and for your thoughtful comment.

      You are right. God wants our obedience and our whole heart. Generosity should be a natural by-product.

      If there is ever any way that I can partner with you, don’t hesitate to let me know.

  • ZacharyH83

    I don’t believe that you have to just give money to your church to give to God. I believe that you can give money anywhere that gives God glory. The willingness to sacrifice your needs to bless others in God’s name.

    Giving is what is mentioned in the NT. Giving all of yourself is not limited to money. It can also be your time (your most valuable resource) or any other resource you have available.

    I like your article.

  • Ken Nichols

    I agree with this completely except for this ONE line. “He wanted proof that He was first in my life.” The moment you start trying to PROVE things to God, your in trouble. It’s not ABOUT performance, in this area or any other. It’s about a relationship. If your best friend ask you for money and you had it, no matter what you might need it for later, chances are you would give it. It’s the same with God. When the Spirit prompts, because of the relationship we have with Him, we will want to respond, even in reckless radical, faith-affirming ways. It’s not something you have to PROVE. It will simply be a natural reaction.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Those are great thoughts Ken. I couldn’t agree more.

      I love how you put it: “we will want to respond..in reckless, radical, faith-affirming way.”

      That’s a powerful statement.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


    Larry Poole you are a tithe collector. Please show me a scripture that says tithing in the new testament church. We catholics give one rupee to whatever and yet we have progressed by leaps and bounds.Peter and Paul never preached tithing……

  • Goldenrule Group

    I love this discussion. For those who say tithing is not taught in the NT…. Christ being Lord of every area of our lives is! Under the OT it was 10% now it is the 10% plus everything. Under the OT it was the Sabbath but now our entire lives are to be dedicated to God every day of the week. I could go on and on. So while the NT doesn’t teach tithing as in 10%, it says if you see a person in need, and you have it, help them!

    • ZacharyH83

      Tithing was a required law… it was not just giving or offering, but something that was required by law.

      Christ did not talk about tithing, but giving. So those that say its not in the NT are correct. Don’t confuse giving with tithing just because your church preaches about tithing.

      • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

        Thanks for commenting Zach. I’d agree with you, but I’d also add the NT giving requires an even greater level of commitment, faith, and obedience.

        Where people get it wrong is when they try to use it as a justification to give less or not give at all.

        Great thoughts.

        • ZacharyH83

          I don’t disagree with what you’re saying at all. But that isn’t the point that I was making.

          People can’t pick and choose what to take out of the bible. If you want to live by the OT then you’re not a Christian. The NT lays out the guidelines for how to become and live as a Christian.

          People can’t pick and choose what they want from it just for the convenience of guaranteeing a church income. God will provide the funds as long as you provide the faith.

          Did the OP edit his post?

      • Nocturnal1961

        ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God……. Also Jesus is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever. So I take the OT as serious as I take the NT.

        • ZacharyH83

          So, even though in Hebrews, where it clearly states that the NT is greater than the OT, and that the law is no longer relevant… you take it as serious?

          Which brings up the question, if you ignore the teachings in Hebrews, doesn’t that mean that you’re not taking the NT all that serious?

          Not condemning you (but bringing a discrepancy to light), but you have to realize that you can not live by the OT and be a Christian. It doesn’t apply to life in the same way. Its one or the other. Those that live by the law…..

          • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

            Zach, all Scripture is useful and profitable for teaching.

            There is tons of great knowledge and promises from the OT that are still 100% applicable today.

            Jesus death and resurrection didn’t abolish the left side of the Bible, it fulfilled it.

            People get in trouble when they use only a portion of Scripture to support their own position.

            I feel that’s exactly what happens too often with tithing/giving. People use the OT/NT argument as a means to give less.

            NT is clear that we should be exceedingly generous. Everything Jesus did not only fulfilled OT law, it exceeded it.

            Be blessed.

            • ZacharyH83

              I didn’t say that it wasn’t useful, I said that it wasn’t relevant.

              The OT is great for history, for prophesy, for seeing God’s favor of the Jews, for gaining a true understanding of how good we actually have it today because of Jesus.

              But the law of the OT does not apply. If it did, it would take away from the entire point of the NT and Jesus’ death.

              I have not yet had the conversation about tithing with anyone that was looking for an excuse to give less, but with believers that are starting to look into their bibles for answers instead of expecting them all to come from the pulpit.

              The point is, the NT does not require tithing, but church’s are still preaching as though people HAVE to tithe 10%. Yes, the NT talks about giving more, and I’m not arguing that. The fact of it all though is that the NT does not say to tithe, but yet we are still being taught nearly every sunday that it is REQUIRED.

              • ZacharyH83


                The fact that churches are still teaching tithing as a requirement is TAKING AWAY from the ‘give it your all’ offerings of the NT.

                Setting a minimum requirement allows people to feel comfortable by reaching their weekly quota in the offering plate. It allows them to say “Well, I did my part. I gave my 10%” … I know Christ didn’t jump off that cross with 90% left to give.

      • http://www.JuneCollier.com/ June Collier

        Christ actually DID talk about the tithe. The Bible is not written for casual observation. We are told to study it as if digging for silver.

        Luke 11:42
        “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone.”

        Clearly here Christ is talking about the tithe (tenth). We know that the Pharisees were sticklers for abiding to the law. Christ points out that while they tithe they neglected justice and the love of God.

        The He backs of tithing by saying they should practice the latter (tithing) without leaving the former (justice and the love of God) undone

        • ZacharyH83

          Yes, they should have practiced it because it was their law. Christ had not fulfilled it yet. That does not mean to continue to do it. He was calling them out on their hypocrisy.

          • ZacharyH83

            Matthew 23:27-28
            What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs—beautiful on the outside but filled on the inside with dead people’s bones and all sorts of impurity. Outwardly you look like righteous people, but inwardly your hearts are filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness.

            • http://www.JuneCollier.com/ June Collier

              I am taking that was directed at me and quite honestly that was a low blow. As a Christian I was rightly dividing the Word and having a discussion with you.

              Your statement changed three times in your explanation of your beliefs.

              The Bible encourages us not to argue about His Word. I hope I have not offended you by my postings.

              I believe a little different than you and only offered supporting evidence. Never once changing my stance or statement.

              Thank you for this dialogue. It has definitely made me dig into the Bible deeper tonight. However, this will be my last statement as I fear things may have gotten a little out of hand.

              God Bless you Zachary and thank you again for the dialogue.

          • http://www.JuneCollier.com/ June Collier

            Zachary your first statement was that Jesus did not speak of the tithe which clearly He did. Then you state that Christ spoke of the tithe but he had not fulfilled the law yet.

            The full statement that He made was this, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I
            have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly, I say to
            you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass
            from the Law until all is accomplished. Therefore whoever relaxes one
            of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same
            will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and
            teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell
            you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and
            Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:17-20

            Heaven and earth have not yet passed away. Now, there are many things that were done in the Old Testament that we don’t literally do today, that’s God’s grace. However those things that we don’t do literally do carry over into the New Testament in very different ways. God’s Word cannot contradict itself and He said He would not abolish the law until heaven and earth pass away.

            Let me give you some examples:
            We no longer sacrifice animals but as believers we are called to offer ourselves up as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1). Men no longer are required to be circumcised, but we all have a circumcision of the heart through the Holy Spirit (Rom 2:29). Most of us don’t have grain and produce to bring to the storehouse, but we do have incomes that we can bring the first tenth of into the church. In other words, just because something is written in the Old Testament doesn’t mean it lacks application to us today in some way or another.

            At the end of the day, I do not believe that if you do not tithe that you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven, however scripture does warn us, whoever relaxes one
            of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same
            will be called least in the kingdom of heaven.

            So as for me and my household we will not only tithe we will also give cheerfully above the tithe with our offerings.

            • ZacharyH83

              Sorry, I should have been more clear. He did not TEACH about tithing. I didn’t know we would have to be so specific to make the point clear.

              Christ was here to fulfill God’s law (the 10 commandments) not man’s law. The greatest command of all,;to love God, and to love your neighbor covers all 10 of these commands.

              You’re trying to compare the law of man, to the law of God. Christ did not come to fulfil man’s law, but God’s.

              But I guess if what you’re saying applies, and that Christ came to fulfill the laws of men, then…

              We shouldn’t be getting stylish hair cuts or trimming our beards -leviticus 19:27; should not be weating clothes that are merged (linen and wool) – Leviticus 19:19; have no holes in our clothes – Leviticus 10:6; and then I guess those that work on the sabbath should be in trouble as well – Leviticus 23:3;

              All those rules seem silly, and no longer apply… but its funny how we try to pick and choose what we should apply from the old testament and try to say that Christ was taking care of it….

              In Hebrews, its made clear that Christ is greater than Moses, that he is our high priest, and then the biggest one that applies here… that the OT is obsolete…

              Hebrews 8:6-13

              6 But now Jesus, our High Priest, has been given a ministry that is far superior to the old priesthood, for he is the one who mediates for us a far better covenant with God, based on better promises.

              7 If the first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no need for a second covenant to replace it. 8 But when God found fault with the people, he said:

              “The day is coming, says the Lord,
              when I will make a new covenant
              with the people of Israel and Judah.
              9 This covenant will not be like the one
              I made with their ancestors
              when I took them by the hand
              and led them out of the land of Egypt.
              They did not remain faithful to my covenant,
              so I turned my back on them, says the Lord.
              10 But this is the new covenant I will make
              with the people of Israel on that day,[c] says the Lord:
              I will put my laws in their minds,
              and I will write them on their hearts.
              I will be their God,
              and they will be my people.
              11 And they will not need to teach their neighbors,
              nor will they need to teach their relatives,[d]
              saying, ‘You should know the Lord.’
              For everyone, from the least to the greatest,
              will know me already.
              12 And I will forgive their wickedness,
              and I will never again remember their sins.”[e]

              13 When God speaks of a “new” covenant, it means he has made the first one obsolete. It is now out of date and will soon disappear.

              You say that God’s word can not contradict itself, and you’re right. But that doesn’t mean that God himself can change the way things work.

              New covenant with NEW promises..

              • http://www.JuneCollier.com/ June Collier

                I would say yes we must as Christians be very specific. Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

                Please forgive me but you are confusing me. Each time I comment, your position changes slightly after I post what was written in scripture.

                So you meant that Christ didn’t teach the tithe. that is the question. I did not know how to comment on that so I went back to scripture to see if God ever taught tithing. I have found several scriptures where the tithe is commanded just as Jesus commanded it in Luke 11:42 but I never saw where the tithe was taught.

                Maybe you can shed some light on that one for me. I am trying to understand where it is taught versus commanded.

                Further, you stated that Christ was here to fulfill God’s law not man’s law. Are you stating that tithing was man’s law? I only ask because this post is about tithing and I need to be crystal clear regarding your statements.

                “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

                As I study the footnotes of my Bible, for this scripture it states, the Law and the Prophets designate the entire OT including the writing.

                Second, notice the word them in this scripture. …not to abolish THEM but to fulfill THEM. What is them? The Law or the Prophets.

                Hebrews is a beautiful book as it talks about a new covenant with God. As you know only the high priest could enter the inner room and only once per year and always with blood which he offered for himself and for the sins people had committed in ignorance.

                There was faulty found in this covenant because man was not perfect. But when Jesus hit the scene, God made Him high priest. Hebrews 7:22-26 talks about why Christ was a much better high priest.

                Now because of the new covenant, Jesus is our high priest and we don’t have to have a mediator. Each of us can go directly to Christ who will intercede for us because He was the perfect sacrifice.

                This is what I meant in my earlier statement that we no longer have to offer up a animal sacrifice but we are called to offer up ourselves as living sacrifices.

                I agree wholeheartedly that there is a new covenant. And if you read the chapter of Hebrews it discusses Jesus’ sacrifice as the perfect sacrifice that sealed the deal for us.

                For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota,
                not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished. I stand on that scripture alone because those are His Words and His promise.

                The final question I have for you is do you believe there is no need for the Old Testament? Do you believe the Old Testament is not applicable to our lives?

                If you say yes to this, then we share different beliefs and there’s really no point in going further because our baseline for beliefs is radically different.

                It may seem like splitting hairs but God tells us to study and rightly divide the Word… otherwise, I believe people will walk away believing the Old Testament has no validity anymore.

            • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

              June, you’re a wise man. I’d love to chat with you some time.

              Thank you for helping me to grow in my understanding in this area.

              Be blessed.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Philip, those are great thoughts. I don’t mind if people say tithing is OT and not NT, just as long as they are not using it as an argument to give as little as possible.

      If we want to be like Jesus, we should be exceedingly generous.

      He gave it ALL. It is a privilege to give back to him.

      Great thoughts.

  • Chanda Bess Williams

    Great article!!!!
    The best teaching I’ve ever heard on tithing was Pastor Robert Morris when he spoke at Elevation church. I was tithing, but begrudgingly, and sometimes only the leftovers after I paid everything else. This teaching changed my views forever! Anything we have comes from God, so belongs to him, not tithing is STEALING from God. Now, when we get paid the tithe check is my first priority! After a few months of faithfully tithing God blessed us by paying off our second mortgage, a total of $46,000!!! We had a heart issue, and having the truth revealed has changed our lives for the better in so many other ways as well! Here is a link to the sermons we watched, Part 3 & Part 4 of this series.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Chanda, I actually gave my life to Christ after reading Robert Morris’ “The Blessed Life.” He preached a phenomenal sermon at Elevation.

      Do you attend Elevation now?

      The best message I ever heard preached on generosity was by your pastor, Steven Furtick. It was the “Get to Give” message in the “Permission Slip” series.

      I love Pastor Furtick. I call him my internet pastor :-) He’s my favorite person to listen to besides my pastor, Anthony Braswell, who preaches at Northpark Church here in Raleigh, NC.

      • Chanda Bess Williams

        My church home is Northridge in White House, TN. I call Pastor Furtick and Pastor Morris my internet pastors :) because I love to listen to both of them.

        The Blessed Life is actually on my list of books that I want to read!

  • Nocturnal1961

    I tithed and used to tithe round it off to an even amount. Like your $112.14 for me would have been $113.00. Then my husband cussed me up one side and down the other for all the $ I threw away at the church and he demanded I stop. So I did.

    • Nocturnal1961

      No I did not see it as throwing $ away to church. Husband did. So for year disobeyed husband to obey God and tithe. Now I obey God by obeying husband and disobey God at same time by not tithing.

      • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

        Hey Laurie, I think a great starting point would be for you and your husband to attend Financial Peace University together. Are you familiar with this class?

        It does a great job of helping couples communicate about things such as budgeting, spending, and even giving.

        In marriage, money should be managed together. This class would definitely help.

        • Nocturnal1961

          I agree $ should be managed together but husband really doesn’t see it that way. If he make more $ then he should get more $. When he got us in debt I made budget by putting my income with his income together and made sure made allowances for bills to get paid. I took what was left and split it down the middle for what we had left for gas food and groceries. He did not see that as fair cause he made more $ than I did. I saw it as fair cause he created the credit card debt and I had never owned a credit card at that time.
          Now he is unable to work has no income and his disability payments won’t start till May. $ is super tight. I discontinued cable. I even canceled my Netflix and that was only $8 a month. I keep heat at 66 degrees. I have no credit card debt. I do have a mortgage debt. When he gets his disability it will be quite a bit less than he was making. So I don’t expect him to help much cause he will have than spent in less than a week after he gets it. I don’t know where his $ goes cause I see nothing to show for it.

          • http://www.JuneCollier.com/ June Collier

            I love your post and I feel your pain. Here’s something that you must know on the subject of tithing. I have found that people will not tithe just because someone tells them that’s what they should do.

            It does not matter how loud you talk or try to reason with them, they will not get it. That’s because tithing on the surface in the natural realm does not make sense.

            People who tithe are those who have experienced a personal relationship with Christ on the subject of tithing. They have studied and been convicted by the Holy Spirit on this topic.

            There are many Christians who love the Lord and struggle with tithing. We all struggle with different things.

            If your husband truly wants to get a understanding about this subject, I suggest that you both begin to study God’s word about this subject. Have open and honest dialogue about your discovery.

            Before reading, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what He wants you to know about this subject. If you both go into this together with an open mind you will find the answers that you need.

            You don’t need a post on tithing or a preacher telling you what you should do. You can discover the answers for yourself and once you do… you will not need anyone else to convince you otherwise.

            But your husband must be willing. It’s not just about studying tithing… you should both have study time where you can receive instructions about what God wants to reveal to you in your life.

            I hope that helps and I will be praying for your family.

            • Nocturnal1961

              Would love that but I am unequally yoked. husband does not believe the bible and says there are a lot of inconsistencies in it. Yet can’t name one.

              • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

                I’ll be praying specifically for your family.

                Two things I’d like to say to encourage you:
                1. Tithing is not a salvation issue. I’ve dealt with several spouses (typically women) who are overcome by guilt because they’re not tithing due to their non-believer spouse. God loves us regardless of what we give.

                Pray and seek God in this area, but also do everything you can to love your husband well.

                If he is not going to church, you are the only representation of Jesus that he sees.

                2. Pray each day that your husband will come to know Christ. I read a quote by Pastor Mark Batterson that said, “Ultimately the transcript of our prayers become the script of our lives.”

                Pray without ceasing.

      • momofjenny@gmail.com

        I’m in the same place as you… very difficult to be in. God Bless.

  • Michael Brown

    I am sorry… I do not want to be a “bring me down”, but I have not been to church in almost twenty years. I still love the LORD my GOD with all my heart, and I do believe he sent his son to earth to die for my sins. I have asked him into my heart and have tried to live in a way that would bring glory to his name.
    I just have a hard time walking through the doors of a box, called a church, and listen to someone tell me how I am to live my life, when they do the exact opposite… hypocrites. I used to give till it hurt, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I must have been missed by his grace when I was giving, and I must still not be on his list… It makes me sick that all these people who “act holy” have an abundance, and I am trying to live his way while I struggle in every way!!
    My faith is becoming weary, and my heart is growing heavy. I help anyone and everyone that I see that needs it, yet when I need help I struggle. I know it is like the poem “Footprints”, it is just so hard to feel him carrying me when I am so weighed down. Please pray for me!!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Michael,

      I appreciate your comment my friend.

      A couple of things come to mind:
      1. You are definitely right. There are “bad apple” churches and “bad apple” pastors. But there are also a bunch of great churches too. What city do you live in?
      2. I’ve been flat broke before. Once of the most powerful things I ever did for my finances (and consequently my marriage) was attend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Have you ever heard of it? It really helped me gain an understanding of how to make and stick to a budget. It’s made all the difference in the world.
      3. I’m shoot you an email. I’d like to send you a book it that’s okay.

      Let me encourage you. It’s easy to become weary in our faith, but in the end it’ll all be worth it!

      If there is a specific way that I can pray for you, please let me know.

      • wendell

        Jesus established one Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. The rest will fleece you of your salary. Ten percent is minimum you will have to give to your Pastor.God never takes your tithe

    • long

      The church is not the box that people attend in worship. The church is the people of God. I’ve never been in a church that didn’t have a few hypocrites. But what better place for a bunch of hypocrites?! Perhaps in their attendance they will have the opportunity to hear the Word of God and be changed. More often I’ve found kind, generous, loving people in the churches I’ve worshipped with. When you truly become part of a church, you’ll join spirits with it and you’ll have a desire to serve God. The church often will have ministries that you can participate in and supportive groups to lift you up when your faith is being tested. “Come to me all who are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest,” said Jesus. Find a good church that is following the teachings of Christ. Your brothers and sisters in Christ will help you if you will humble yourself before His throne of grace. I pray that you find a good church home where you can receive God’s blessings, and in return will be a blessing to others.

    • wendell

      Jesus established one Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

    • Savannah Lauren

      I felt this way, too. For the longest time. And then I realized something very important. My faith is not my parent’s faith. It is not my best friend’s faith. It is not the pastor’s, deacons, or worship leaders faith. It is definitely not that hypocrite’s faith. It is mine. And it is up to me to work out with the Lord what I am supposed to do with my faith. I currently do not have an income. I receive a very limited allowance from a special needs trust fund I won in a lawsuit. I have to provide receipts to prove I am using it for myself alone, but I cannot tithe and do that. Tithing does not always mean money. I give of what I have: time and love. That is giving my best to Jesus. But, the main point is, I used to rely on other people to walk my walk for me. If I followed every rule and did exactly what they did, then I would be okay with the Lord. But God wants you! Not another one of that person over there. The only reason my faith became weary is because I did. Not because other people let it happen. I am responsible for my own journey with the Lord and it is my responsibility to make sure that I don’t let other people define it. This is a huge passion of mine..the true definition of church..Church, rather..and I would love to talk about it more. I am going to leave my email if you..or anyone else..would like to talk more about this. God bless! legitlyme22@gmail.com

    • Teresa Livesay

      Michael I am so sorry you are hurting! Try to remember God loves you and he is holding your right hand even if you can’t feel it. I think me coming across you on here is not a coincidence. It is from God to encourage you! I do a morning devotion from the book Jesus Calling by Sarah young and today’s devotion was Keep your eyes on Me! Waves of adversity are washing over you,and you feel tempted to give up. As your circumstances consume more and more of your attention, you are losing sight of Me.Yet I am with you always,holding you by your right hand. I am fully aware of your situation,and I will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to bear. Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow. If you try to carry tomorrow’s burdens today, you will stagger under the load and eventually fall flat. You must discipline yourself to live within the boundaries of today it is in the present moment that I walk close to you, helping you carry your burdens. Keep your focus on My Presence in the present. Read Psalm 73 and 1 Corinthians 10:13 this might not totally describe your situation but know God has your right hand in Psalm 73 Asaph explains until he entered God’s sanctuary, he couldn’t understand the justice in allowing the wicked to thrive while the righteous endured hardship. But when he saw that one day justice would be done, he acknowledged God’s wisdom. I’m praying for you!

    • John Vukovich Jr

      Michael, I have been where you are! Don’t give up! We were going to a church for almost ten years and showing up for Saturday “work day” all the time, tithing and giving more to missions and special needs, teaching Sunday School for the kids, working on the big Easter and Christmas dramas, because we WANTED to, and felt like that’s what God had laid out for us… Felt like we were really connecting and doing good things for the church and for the Lord, until we found out that there was a lot of VERY un-Christian things going on right under our noses. It hurt, a lot, but we just started visiting other churches and eventually found one where we were loved and where the people were at least open and honest about their own shortcomings and failings.
      I also went through a “dry spell” a few years ago where I’d pray and
      feel like I wasn’t getting any answers at all or even a sign on which
      way to go, or which decision to make… It’s tough. Believe me, I
      know! But a friend spoke Galatians 6:9 to me… “Let us not become
      weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we
      do not give up.” and yes, I wanted to smack my friend at the time BUT, I
      kept on going, and never stopped talking to God and telling him what
      was on my heart and praising him for the things in my life. It took a
      while. Longer than I would have liked. But I believe that it taught me
      persistence and to just keep on trusting Him and to just continue to do
      what I already know is right and what the bible teaches us. And of course, Satan, the whole time was telling me that I was the only one in the world that was going through this.
      Unfortunately, you also have to deal with hypocrites and phony people at your work, at your doctor’s office, where you shop, etc. But it’s up to you to just have “an audience of one” and to pray about it and talk to God and praise Him regularly. There are other churches out there. It might be hard to find the right one, but it’s out there! You can even “visit” a lot of them online! (Check out mine if you like? Here’s a link to the most recent series “Not Normal”. http://www.watersedgechurch.net/sermon/normal/ “Because NORMAL ain’t workin’!!!” )
      I LOVE our church because they don’t do basketball, plays, soccer, choir, or any other distracting clubs, groups, etc… Church is all about worship and reading and understanding the word of God. Period. We also do “Community Groups” where a small group of us meet weekly in someones home to discuss the sermon and everything else that’s going on in our lives, but that’s all. I miss that other stuff, but also feel like that was a bit of a distraction and more “busy work” instead of ministering to other people or inviting others to church.
      Look for me on Facebook if you want to talk more about it? But please don’t miss out on taking part in group worship even if you do still worship and praise Him in private. There’s just something about being connected with other believers that gives us encouragement and fuel.

    • jumbo380

      AMEN!!! I’m truly baffled at these comments. Your the only one so far that seems to have your head on straight.

  • Granny

    Your tithe is 10%. Everything over and above 10% is an offering. That’s why one says ‘tithes and offerings.’ Right?

  • Jessica Taylor Kirkpatrick

    “The guideline for our giving to God and His work is found in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7: “Now this I say, he who sows sparingly shall also reap sparingly; and he who sows bountifully shall also reap bountifully. Let each one do just as he has purposed in his heart; not grudgingly or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver.”

    God wants us to “give” from our hearts now. He’s not specific, just cheerfully give. You reap what you sow. Sow bountifully, in money, heart, and time and love. He does command us to sow cheerfully as well. Not because the old testament says to tithe 10%, but because we have the desire to give unto God and others. That’s part of being a Christian. However, all areas of our faith still have to be pure and clean in order to truly reap the love and blessings that come with loving and giving to God and his people. It’s not just about money, it’s about living and doing FOR God with the resources he blesses you with.

  • 2TrakMind

    I think it is easy to miss the point of anything we read in the Bible. I think the struggle comes from having taken on a law based mindset and our approach to the Bible as our instruction manual from God. Just like the Israelites, we say, “just tell us what to do God, and we’ll do it.” However, it has never been His desire for us to simply obey Him. He wants our obedience to come as a result of His indwelling presence in our lives, not because we’ve checked off requirements from the manual. We miss the point. I think the same is true with tithing. If we tithe, thinking it is required; we miss the point. If we tithe, thinking that we will receiving blessing; we miss the point. If we tithe, because we believe God wants to see our level of commitment to Him; we miss the point. Tithing has never been about these things. From the beginning, tithing has been about caring for those in need, and THAT is the heart of God. If you are generous, because you want to care for those who are in need; you have been given, and are motivated by the heart of Christ! God has no greater desire for you than for you to love and care for those He loves and cares for.

  • http://www.christtemplebeeville.com Arthur B Holt

    I’m a pastor of a small congregation and in the past couple of week I have had
    conversations with three different individuals of our congregation
    about tithing. Three different conversations in which I ended up
    saying the same thing, “We’re not going to start counting cumin
    seeds.” (In reference to Matthew 23:23). Our church has $0 in
    the bank, I work a job to pay the bills…… and I told three
    individuals to give less. Huh??? Well, not in so many words. What I
    told them was to give from the heart as worship unto God, not as a
    numerical obligation. Each of them are faithful in giving and wanted
    to know how they could give more. I told them that if they are giving
    from the heart then they are already giving enough. If only everyone
    had their heart for giving.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thanks for sharing Arthur. Where is your church located? I’d challenge you to really help your people grow in this area. Too many people in the congregation struggle with the topic of money (giving, budgeting, saving), but the Bible has plenty to say about all these topics.

      We want to help people grow in these areas and become better stewards of what God has placed in our hands.

  • iamshulamite

    Thank. You so much for sharing this ! This was liberating! I can honestly say that ive felt the prompting from the holy spirit to give specific amounts but i thought about what so many have said “God dont ask for what you dont have ” .and sometimes i felt pressured to give from fear ,that if i dont then i would be punished . Its crazy how religious spirit causes one to miss God !

  • Chuck Isbell

    I give at least ten %, more often more than that. I give to strangers and those whom God lays on my heart . I support a lot of other ministries that God directs me to. When I have money in my wallet it is most always for blessing someone. I am not bragging about this, it is just that I have learned to trust God at all times and in all things. He is my Dad and I know he has got my back. Today I am unemployed, but I still give. Not worried about tomorrow.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Chuck, we truly don’t have to worry about tomorrow when we are generous.

      The economy in Heaven is doing just fine! Thanks for your faithfulness.

  • Donna Benson

    A friend shared your post on facebook recently. It is good to hear others speak this truth…it all belongs to God. He allows us to manage it for HIm. I agree that tithing is a part of our worship. Thanks for the reminder.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Donna, thank you for your encouragement. My favorite part of tithing is knowing that it touches the heart of God. It shows that I put my faith in Him and not things of this world.

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Tubal Cain

    Tithing was never designed to save anyone’s soul. Tithing was designed to make sure the house of God does not go lacking. That’s why the question was asked, will a man rob God? How can a man rob God? In his tithes and offering. You are sending a mixed message with title such as I stopped paying my tithes years ago..and you should too. What if someone seen your title anr decided to stop paying tithes based off the title of your blog? Their blood will be required at your hands because of your title. As ambassadors or christ, we must make sure we are sending the right message. Your blog was excellent! When I read what you were saying, it made sense, but the title will confuse a lot of people.

    • McArthur Okoh

      The title is improper. By the way, there are different t kinds of offering and givings in the house of God. The tithe is 10% of your income. If you give 20% as tithe, that’s cool but just know that in God’s books your tithe was the 10%, the other 10% was not part of the tithe but would be counted unto you as righteousness, maybe as freewill offering.

      The tithe was not part of the law. It came several years before the law but wad also added to the law. Abraham paid tithes and he was not under the law. Tithing is not therefore part of the law that was abolished. Tithing is of the household of faith not of the law. And Abraham is the father of faith.

      God bless you.

      • wendell

        Abraham never tithe? He gave of the loot. Money is never tithes. Land produce is only tithed in the OT. NT no tithing.

      • Lisa Taylor

        Tithing is no longer mentioned by the early church in Acts but selling of property and giving all was the common practice of LOVE… following Christ’s example and giving of ourselves in loving God and loving others is our only commandments….true love of God will not keep record…we give all that we have. What is mine is yours and a heart full of thanksgiving and love knowing that the source who gives to us never runs dry…we pour out, He pours in….There is no such thing as record of tithe…or shouldn’t be….God isn’t keeping record….Christ gave His all….satisfied any debt we could ever owe….law and record keeping is over…done with. That is why I don’t even keep record of what I give to the church…and I don’t allow them to keep record…cash is dropped in the pan and I give to people as I see need and when God speaks..to people…at His choosing…God has proven His faithfulness to me and this is a faith walk of Love.

    • Gazel_le

      I find the title provocative and curiosity will get most people to read the article which plants a seed.

  • Tommy Salmon

    In 2005, my wife convinced me that we should become foster parents. Soon after, we decided she should quit her job as a bank vice president in order to better serve our foster children. I took a big step in trusting God and said “if God can part the Red Sea, He can balance our checkbook”. It was also about that time we started tithing regularly. God has blessed us beyond anything I could ever have dreamed of since then! We tithe more than 10% now, as well as giving to various other ministries, and I look forward to writing those checks now! God said we can test Him in this, and He truly delivered!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      I love it! And congrats on being foster parents. What an awesome (and challenging) calling. I’m cheering you guys on.

    • wendell

      Tithing is not fir the new testament church. Peter and Paul never preached tithing. You can give 1 dime ,

  • Kathy

  • MofAG

    Wow. Great article. My Pastor has a devotional series on youtube and he has been discussing how to enter into the life of abundance by sowing seeds or giving beyond the tithe. He addresses what believers should do when they consider the unfortunate circumstances where people have been taken advantage of and coerced into giving. He shares many powerful testimonies including his own of what happened when he consistently gave the seed that God told him to. Check it out here. God bless you. Watch “1.20.14 – Seed Sowing: Pathway into the Life of Bounty, Part 1″ on YouTube

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thank you for sharing these videos. I haven’t watched them yet, but I will. I always love learning (and growing) in the spiritual discipline of generosity.

      • MofAG

        Of course! Thank you for your ministry and testimony. God bless you!

  • Belinda TheBeautiful Bennett

    It is my belief that I don’t tithe I give an offering of the income I make. Everything I have and have earned is Gods. We are shepherds of all the things he’s possessed us with that glorifies Him. My offering helps with the upkeep of the building we all congregate and worship together in and not a penny goes to an individual for preaching the word, that is simply wrong. Every brother that preaches has a job like all others and do not rely on the congregation to take care of their living expenses as most denominations do. We serve our community and do all the things by what the bible says that we are to do as Christians. So when we give God our undivided attention everything else falls into its rightful place!

    • http://www.JuneCollier.com/ June Collier

      Belinda, I greatly appreciate your post. I know that some do not believe in the tithe. Many say that Jesus never spoke of the tithe and that it is an OT law. I would point to Luke 11:42 and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as to what you should or should not do. Also note that tithe and offering are two separate things.

      As far as a penny not going to any individual in your church for preaching, I commend that. If those individuals who are shepherds of the church decide not to take a OFFERING from the church, that is commendable.

      However, please do know that God did allot for an offering by to people to be given to those who were chosen (Levites) to take care of God’s house.

      Deuteronomy 18
      New International Version (NIV)

      Offerings for Priests and Levites

      18 The Levitical priests—indeed, the whole tribe of Levi—are to have no allotment or inheritance with Israel. They shall live on the food offerings presented to the Lord, for that is their inheritance. 2 They shall have no inheritance among their fellow Israelites; the Lord is their inheritance, as he promised them.

      3 This is the share due the priests from the people who sacrifice a bull or a sheep: the shoulder, the internal organs and the meat from the head. 4 You are to give them the firstfruits of your grain, new wine and olive oil, and the first wool from the shearing of your sheep, 5 for the Lord your God has chosen them and their descendants out of all your tribes to stand and minister in the Lord’s name always.

      Again, I commend those who minister to God’s people and work in God’s house who don’t take an offering. I however also see what God himself established.

      This however is only for those who truly are the chosen stewards of God’s people and His house and not those who are crooks attempting to scheme the church.

  • Dio Vannucci

    This article really speaks to what my wife and I have been going through lately. I have really struggled with putting my faith and hope in money over God. I found my security in money for SOOOO long it’s sad. I had said almost all those excuses at one time or another and when I did give it was simply to get something in return from God.
    God allowed us to go through a period of financial trouble a few years ago and through it we were able to see that we needed to get rid of debt. Now, we are experiencing some trouble again and God has made it clear that we are to focus on being proper stewards of His money. Our first step was to realize that our possessions weren’t, in fact, ours. We transferred ownership of everything to God and now we give even when it hurts because we know God is going to reveal himself to us in a way we could never have imagined. Now we don’t give to get, we give to worship and it feels so much better to sign that check!!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thank you for sharing Dio. I think all Christians (including myself) struggle with remembering that God owns it all.

      There’s powerful truth and encouragement in the words you’ve spoken. Thank you.

  • terry kiel

    I’ve given “faithfully” for years and we’ve been ok but always thought there must be more blessing out there. Finally heard and obeyed a specific call to give more and have had the best year of our life financially. He tells us to test Him for a reason!!!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Terry, I’ve had similar experiences. We truly serve a God that can’t be out-given! Isn’t that awesome?!

  • Brett

    I wish people would stop using the word tithing…. because it does not apply to NT believers. Tithing is a OT rule/concept that was required ONLY of the Jews (as no one else was worthy). Gentiles were not required to tithe as they were not required to follow Jewish law. So, why are NT believes taught to tithe with is a OT Jewish law? Is that not binding believers under the new convenant to OT Jewish law (which Paul taught against)? In addition, ONLY the Levitical Priests were allowed to collect the tithe… and as we have no longer a Levitical Priesthood…. no one biblically is allowed to collect a tithe.
    Do not get me wrong… at Christians we are to give and give abundantly out of what we are given….. But to call it a tithe, is not correct teaching.

    • Minister Bourne

      I disagree, Jesus did not come to abolish the law…He came to fulfill it. When you are speaking of Jews and Gentiles, it seems as if you are speaking them by their heritage, or the flesh; however, in Paul writings, says that we who are in the ‘Faith’ are the ‘seed of Abraham’ meaning that by faith- or spiritually- I am a considered a Jew because I believe. We have to look at the Word of God as a literal truth and as Spiritual truth as well.

      • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

        Minister Bourne, you are right on my friend! Christians have become spiritual Jews by the circumcision of our hearts.

        Thanks for adding to this conversation.

    • Lea Sims

      By that ideology, we would also all abandon the 10 Commandments! The redemptive work of Christ opened the door for NT believers to have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit. We no longer need every single human decision defined and explained through levitical law because we should be guided in every moment by the Holy Spirit. But being freed from the exacting legalism of levitical law so that we can walk with the Holy Spirit does not abolish the principles of right relationship that God was spelling out for Isral in the OT and now guides us toward through the Holy Spirit. Why would anyone think God had changed his mind about the principle of the first fruits? There is no more consistent thread in the entire Bible than this one! From the moment Abel gave his ‘very best” first fruits offering to God, who had “regard for Abel and his offering” but none for Cain, God was teaching humanity about the nature of our relationship with him. Jesus himself was the first fruits offering of God! You see this expectation time and time again with Joshua, David, and the armies of Israel, always commanded to give the first-fruit spoils of their victories to God himself. Because God needed it? No. He was teaching humanity what he tried to teach Adam in the Garden–God’s intent for mankind was that we would dwell with him and trust him utterly and completely for the provision of every need. By surrendering the first fruits of all our gain, we are acknowledging to God that ALL we have is his and that we trust him with our every need. Where is there ANY evidence in the New Testament that God no longer cares about that? It makes absolutely no sense that God would abandon such a powerful principle of relationship, trust, and blessing. If anything, the access we now have to his heart through Jesus Christ should renew and strengthen our devotion to first-fruits obedience and draw us joyfully down the road of Spirit-led over-and-above giving.

  • cool Joe

    Sensational message, however there has always been and will always be questions – if God promises to bless me then why dont i see it? in africa the only people that get blessed in the church are the wealthy (who already have money and contacts) and the pastors who live in such opulence that it almost gives credence to the prosperity message if one chooses to ignore the millions of church members whose livelihood are surrendered to fuel such selfish extravagance. I stopped tithing since last year and have increased in my finances since then. I have stopped expecting supernatural supply to my needs when unbeliever go about their business, dont tithe and seem blessed. My Parents couldnt pay the school fees of all my siblings yet they paid tithes religiously expecting that God would help them, we lost our home, became destitute and poor. Im not blaming God, i blame my parents who were stupid enough to constantly sow seeds (we gave two cars to the church and walked), pay tithes, special offerings etc rather than improve our investment portfolio and be financially wise. I see Christian struggling everyday, hoping for a divine hand to change their fortunes, holding on to the covenant of faithful tithing that God would open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that there wouldnt be enough room to receive it. I dont expect you to agree, but theres just no sense in making contributions to a system that seeks to enrich mostly its founders and directors at the expense of the poor people who drop their mites and die hungry.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Joe,

      When people have a “give to get” mentality, they are not practicing Biblical generosity.

      When you give to God out of love, worship, and surrender, however, the natural byproduct (100% of the time) is an increase in blessing.

      These blessings mean an increase in depth of our relationship with God, an increase is contentment, an increase in our earthly influence, and yes, and increase in our finances.

      Also keep in mind that we won’t reap eternal riches until we make it to heaven. Only then will be fully about to see the harvest of the seeds we sow.

      When I daydream about heaven, I hope that people will come to me and say, “Thank you for your earthly investment in that missionary you supported. Because of him/her, I found Christ.”

      Wow! Now that’s truly a return on investment.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • SCA77

    For the majority of my adult Christian life I have struggled with this…not so much in willingness to give to my church or those in need, but the formality and things associated in some churches with status and value ascribed to those who tithe larger. I have never asked for my gifts to God to be returned in my taxes, even though I am allowed by the law to retain a portion it still seems weird.
    Hey lets give to charity because it’s a tax write off instead of the right thing.
    I know that doesn’t apply to everyone, but I hear it often. The bible mentions giving and also says do not let one hand know what the other is doing. I give cash, time, supplies, and my talents to serve God, my church, and people. I like being thanked- but more so I want to store up treasure in heaven and if my reward is given here it somehow feels less than. I occasionally write checks when larger sums are required for a specific purpose, but more often than not it’s cash. Is this the only way- no, is it right- for me it seems so. I have shared with a few people who say that I am dumb for not taking advantage of taxes, I’ve also heard comments that then the church won’t have a record of your giving. SO. All of us, it is between us and God…that’s it. I would rather God be my accountant and that He point out if I need to give or do more…

  • John L Benckeser

    So are you saying there is no need to support the church as long as you support God? Hmmm appears we all have our own interpretations,

  • Tim Leathers

    I try to be so careful in the terms I use for me and my family. We don’t “PAY” our tithe, we “Give” our tithe. We want to have the attitude of gratitude when we give. GOD may not bless us monetarily but maybe in a different way, but one thing I am for sure GOD AWAYS BLESSES a giver! So many people say, “How can I make it on 90% when I can’t make it on 100%?. I would rather have the 90% with GODS blessing than the 100% based upon my own accord! Just my 2 cents!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Tim, I couldn’t agree with you more!

      And yes, giving to the Lord is not a payment, it’s a privilege.

      It’s something that we’ve actually started “celebrating” with our young daughter. I want her to learn to have a heart of generosity that longs to be generous to God.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    • wendell

      When did you see God take your tithe on Sunday morning? :) :)

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Glad to have read this…my attitude towards my giving had already changed significantly & this reinforced my thinking

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Keep it up Taneesha! I’d encourage you to keep growing in your giving. I think we as Christians should always be generous in a way that requires faith.

  • DominickSegoatle

    God is good. He always confirms His word with two or more witnesses. That’s how I also used to do it Larry. After paying my 10% I didn’t want God to ask me to give any extra to anyone as I had done my “part”. Then God started helping me to understand that He gives seed to the sower 2 Corinthians 9:10, and this is more about my relationship with Him. And because His Word that the same measure I use will be used against me, i.e. my heart’s measure and pocket. So when He leads I should follow. So I stopped having a 10% mentality and moved to giving as and when God leads. It set me free.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Dominick, could you imagine what the church could collectively accomplish if we truly lived by this principle: “It all belongs to God.”

      Thank you for taking the time to share.

  • T Anne

    Yep , the tythe is just the starting point……Jesus did talk about tything……

    • chazv2

      But Jesus emphasized that correct tithing involved mercy, faith and justice. He wasn’t talking about money. He was talking about doing right by others. This article doesn’t even address what Jesus spoke of. Sad.

  • Vanessa

    “God wan’t proof that He is number one in my life” …. “is it possible you are limiting God”… “He wants to bless me tremendously with my finances, but only if I let him” … How powerful is your God? Is there anything that can stop his blessings? Can *you*? Well then I commend you. All I know is that nothing can limit his blessing for me…not even my lack of giving.

  • Cynthia Jernigan

    Thank you for this message. It is awesome and inspiring.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thank you Cynthia. I really appreciate you kindness and encouragement!

  • xlthim

    Something that sticks in my mind… The purpose for the tithe originally was for the priests to be able to eat – tithes were animals and crops. I can’t find where the priests were required to tithe on what they received.
    Now in today’s world of money, people with jobs give 10% of their income to the church (in theory) so the staff can eat.

    Is there a Biblical call for the staff members of a church to tithe?

  • Matt

    Can you be under law and grace at the same time? If generousity fills our heart, should we even consider percentage when we give? Does generosity feel guilty when it doesn’t give at least 10% to an established church? Does it feel proud when it gives more than 10%?

  • Emily Manica

    You say you quit giving tithes years ago…but later said you still give 10% to your local church. Tithe means tenth part=10%. That is still tithing. I was wondering if I’m the only one who sees your title as error? A lie? I do understand the overall point of the article. But also I was wondering isn’t it a wrong attitude to give expecting a blessing back? I give sacrificially at times but not once give expecting a return. Anyway…it is better to give than to receive! I was gonna share but in good conscience I can’t because those watching my witness may see this as a lie. Lord bless.

  • Liitj

    Our pastor doesn’t ask us to tithe. He only asks us to give with a good heart. In fact he said don’t give the church money if your heart is telling you not to.

    • Matt

      You have a very rare and faith-filled pastor! What is that brave soul’s name?

  • dawesi

    I give money and time to the church (not the congregational grouping – God’s people). The church is those who represent Christ to me (as the Bible says) – (Christians needing resource – aka pastors on hard times, missionaries doing something useful, microfinance and sometimes the organised church)

    We’re not farmers and giving money doesn’t have any where near the direct effect on our lives as it did the farmers; we’d be fraudulent to assume giving 10% of our money ipmacts us as much as it did the people who were under that law (which we aren’t and never will be)

    I give. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s time, sometimes it’s a device, a resource or going out of my way to help in a ministry that doesn’t excite me to assist someone who it does excite.

    Tithing was sacrifice, giving money isn’t sacrifice in this day and age, it’s on tap most places. The concept is translatable, but as we are not under levitican law, (unless you obey ALL of them of course). The principal of sowing and reaping still applies, and we often mistake that for tithing as it’s a nice box (10%) that we can budget for and move on.

    As 100% is God’s we shouldn’t set aside ANY clear amount for God’s work. We should put any amount of time and money into what is needed to grow the kingdom, based on wisdom and God’s leading in your life. Church denominations should lean on God, rather than budgets to get his work done. (a small few churches do this very successfully, some billion dollar ministries)

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Speaking to your last point, I sure hope that churches help their people when they fall on tough times…I know mine does. Doing so requires prayer, wisdom, and discretion, but it’s definitely Biblical to do so.

      When I consult with churches, the #1 thing I tell them each time we have the “how to grow generosity” conversation is that you MUST have financial margin first (3-6 months of cash in the bank).

      When times are bad, it’s a great time to show the love of Jesus in tangible ways…but you can’t do that if your church is broke and doesn’t have savings in the bank.

      Just my $0.02!

  • jkearney27 .

    Just a side thought. My husband and I tithe 5% of our income instead of 10%, but only until we become debt free in 3.5yrs, at which point we will tithe 10% at least. I feel that being debt free is just as Biblical of a principle as tithing. We too chose to participate in Dave Ramsey’s FPU and it has rocked our world, even at the age of 25. It will get us out of $115,000 in debt in 3.5yrs. (Some of that debt is to family, and they do MANY mission trips throughout the yr, so in a way it is still tithing as well). Tithing is about stewardship as much as it is about faith.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      I love Dave!…and the world needs more debt-free Christians who fall in love with giving.

      I want to challenge you and your husband even further. Pray and think about this:

      What if you and your husband NEVER stopped growing in your generosity? What if each year (I don’t know, let’s say on your anniversary) that you decided to “step-up” your giving just I little more?

      God will literally blow your mind in this area if you let Him!

  • chazv2

    Where to start? Even the article’s title was misleading. It could have been ‘Why I Am So Focused On God Blessing Me And Why You Should Be Too’. Except for those willing to be sheared, fleeced and otherwise manipulated into believing that the modern church is storehouse (not) or that the modern pastor is a Levitical priest (not) or that they are both cursed with curse and redeemed (I sure hope not) or that Christ’s death didn’t crucify the law aren’t led by the spirit but are led by men. BEWARE of wolves who seek to slaughter the flock. This article speaks clearly to a ‘follower’ who can be convinced that the more they give, the more God will bless them. But what if He didn’t? Would they still believe? The disciples left their worldly mindset behind. But there are wolves who teach tithing as an investment and as a way to enrich themselves. Where is the faith in that? But the wolf knows that people are suckers and so he promises them the world. And isn’t that what Jesus died for? Oh the horror! Wake up!

  • patrickscafe

    For the past 3 months I have hardly had any income and have become behind on car and rent payments. I finally got a sales job and just got my first check. The H.S. has prompted me to give from this check and this post confirms it.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Patrick, thank you for sharing that with me. You’ve really blessed me today! You can never go wrong when you trust the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

  • http://www.NotAshamed838.com Darian Fletcher

    Thanks for the conversation, it is much needed in today’s society. Hebrews 11 and St. John 14, I think will help in this conversation. Simply put, First understand who and what the church is; it is not a natural place, it is a spiritual place in Christ Jesus. Second, understand that the fulfillment of the law was Christ Jesus in us and we in him; the place he prepared for us. When we understand the first two points we will understand I John 2:27 and we will let Jesus (who is the Pastor of the Church) lead us into all good works. He is alive and he talks to each of us individually, without the need of a local church pastor, because each of us are different with different lives and circumstances. The last statement only applies to those who have a relationship with Jesus. Talk to Jesus and he will tell you what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God. He is the fulfillment of the law!

  • Gordon Smith

    I’ve heard this before and frankly I don’t like it. My basic living expenditure already exceeds my income and yet I am told I should “give till it hurts” to the church. Those who say “everything belongs to God” are missing the point. Everything does belong to God but that doesn’t mean He wants you to leave bills unpaid to give to the church. The writer says he is not rich but an income of over $1000 is something that some people only dream of. By now you will be thinking that I don’t give to the church but you’d be wrong. Once my lawful bills are paid I give all I can to the church out of what is left. Paul told the Corinthian’s “Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store as God has prospered him”. The word prosper clearly shows that the intent was to give from one’s excess after the necessities are taken care of. Tithing, like the dietary requirements and the wearing of prayer tassels, is a concept that has been superseded by the new covenant. When will Christians realise that articles like this do nothing to alter the public perception of the church as a rich, outdated monolith that just wants their money. Please believe me, I say these things not to criticise but to show another viewpoint. May the Lord bless you all.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Gordon, one of the attributes of God is that He is a jealous God. He wants to be first in our life, not given the leftovers (whether it be our time, talents, or treasures).

      What’s the first commandment? Thou shall have no other Gods before me. Unfortunately in most first world countries, the biggest idol we have is the God of materialism.

      And Paul’s teaching above actually disproves the point you were trying to make. “Upon the FIRST day of the week [give]…as God has prospered him.”

      That means if God gives you a dollar, set aside a portion FIRST. If He gives you a million, same principle applies…set aside a portion FIRST.

      One of Paul’s most famous teachings on giving comes in 2nd Corinthians 8:1-5. Paul is encouraging all the New Testament churches to be more like the Macedonian church, a people who gave out of extreme poverty, not extreme abundance (of leftovers).

      Check it out (2 Corinthians 8:1-5 NLT):
      And now, brothers and sisters, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches. In the midst of a very severe trial their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the Lord’s people. And they exceeded expectations: They gave themselves FIRST of all to the Lord, and then by the will of God also to us.

      I agree with you that we pay our bills, but that’s why it is so important to live within your means and get out of debt. And I can speak for experience on this one.

      I began tithing when I was unemployed, working odd jobs, and donating plasma (Yes, you read that right!) just to put gas in my car. For 6 weeks in a row, I wrote a tithe check on less than $10…and I was also in credit card debt.

      I took God at face value and now looking back 8 later, it’s amazing how God has: 1) humbled me; 2) grown me spiritually; and 3) blessed me like only a Sovereign savior could.

      On paper, it never made since. But in God’s economy it all worked out.

      God always honors faith.

      You can argue tithing until you are blue in the face, but there are 2 things that are undebatable:
      1. God must always be first.
      2. Christians are called to be exceedingly generous.

      In his birth, death, and resurrection, Jesus raised the bar higher than it was at any other time in history.

      We should follow his example and give as a sign of worship and surrender.

      And just so you know, I’m not a pastor or a paid employee of any church. I’m just a lay member and a volunteer–someone who has discover that we truly serve a God who can’t be out-given.

      Be blessed.

      • Kay

        I am one person who is not going to join the bring your 10% to us thing. And this fire churches, they preach calculating your income literally with a calculator and pay tithe to the penny.
        Then in Africa.., those who work usually have large families to support. They will go hungry if they do not stand up.
        I am one person who is the main source of income for my family. As well as taking care of myself, I am the one who is looking into the family’s every need.
        I do give, according to the abundance of my heart. I am generous, & i know some things needs to be done in church that needs money. In pastors appreciations I do appreciate my pastors too (still according to the abundance of my heart).
        Its just that no one calculator is gona work in my income sorry.
        I believe giving is what you have not some rule squeezing you.

      • Guest

        How utterly ridiculous! How self righteous of you to tell someone who is struggling that they need to focus on giving to God first and paying their bills second. How many late bills have you racked up? If you haven’t, you’re not giving enough to God. He needs to come first.

  • Debbie Studstill Cox Hiemstra

    Good message-not about the money-about the love and willingness to listen!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thanks Debbie for your encouragement.

  • Hollis Hafford

    I learned the giving concept a long time ago and stopped looking at percentages I give what the Lord tells me to and when no regrets just blessings

  • Zghie

    Nice hook in the headline. I was all set to expect an article about why giving to God was outdated and pointless. Loved what you had to say. Bravo! Very good message, well written on having the right attitude towards God and the relationship we are to have with Him.

  • Jana Craft

    It’s not up to me to determine the fate of my tithe. Instead of 10% we’ve been increasing our tithe, as instructed, each time we pay off a bill. It’s an act of faith and obedience. I blogged about our tithe journey here.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      I enjoyed reading your post. I also find you to be a very witty (and funny) writer! Great job.

  • Randy Blair

    Another person brainwashed by the dog and pony show that “church” has become in the modern 21st century.
    New Testament giving isn’t tithing at all. That *is* dead with the Levitical priesthood. The author is correct in that most Christians don’t understand tithing at all.
    Modern Christianity has picked and chosen those laws of God that are convenient and called the others, “nailed to the cross”.

    The Babylon that Jesus commands us, through John, to come out of is not Islam, or Hinduism, or paganism. It’s Modern Christianity and all of its Mithraic trappings handed down for centuries since Constantine.

    Come back to Jesus and fellowship as it was meant to be, as they did it in the 1st century. Are *you* left feeling empty and alone after every church service, bilked of your money to support a building and some guy who can give a great speech for an hour? Do you feel out of place in the sea of shiny plastic people in shiny plastic steeples?

    Get intimate with God and fellowship by the Holy Spirit. Go where *all* are equal and there is only one Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself by and through the Holy Spirit.

    House Church

    Bonus: No tithing! No pressure. It’s all REAL, not some staged program leaving you feel entertained with milk but empty of the real meat of fellowship.

  • BH

    I was once told that tithing is an ANTIDOTE TO GREED. That is the real reason that God wants you to tithe. It has nothing to do with whether God needs it, whether the church needs it, or even whether the poor needs it. He knows that parting with our hard earned money is difficult and most people wouldn’t do it if left to our own devices – making every excuse….but if we don’t regularly make a habit of giving some of it away, then we will quickly be all consumed by having it – more and more of it all the time. We will suffer and be miserable if our lives become all about money. Tithing forces you to keep things in perspective. No matter how little you have, there is always someone else with less than you. The practice of tithing is God’s way of keeping His children from going down a path that leads to misery….and like a parent that only wants the best for their child asks that they practice eating their vegetables before dessert – to protect them from the awful stomach ache that will follow if they indulge too much.

  • Diane Hoach

    If you and your heart are in it then ok, but if you aren’t doing it because of your love of God, then you might as well stop!

  • http://www.beachbodycoach.com/JennWoodruff Jennifer Woodruff

    I’ve tithed for as long as I can remember. So long that it’s not even questioned to not tithe with me & the paycheck. But, I do like how you ask if I’m limiting God by only giving 10%. Not how much do I tithe, but how much do I need to keep? Love that! I need to involve my heart more as it’s just out of habit I think. :/ Thank you for sharing & touching my heart via the Holy Spirit using your post. :)

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thank was kind and encouraging. Thank you Jennifer!

  • Cory Howerton

    All the people in the leadership of my church is talk about how tithing will bless your lives. Once a week – without hesitation one brainless idiot stands at the Pulpit of the Quil Ceda Creek LDS ward in Marysville, Washington and professes how tithing has changed their lives.
    Here is the funny part. Since I stopped paying tithing to this church seven months ago, and stopped regularly attending with the brain dead idiots, my business has doubled, my marriage is better and I have better health.
    I will keep my 10%.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Three things come to mind:
      1. I’m talking about the Christian Church and you’re talking about the LDS Church…two totally different religions.
      2. Based on the tone of your post, maybe it’s a heart issue, not a giving issue.
      3. Isn’t it awesome that many times God choses to bless us in spite of our lack of faith. Now that’s grace.

      Be blessed.

  • Cory Howerton

    Why is it then when I stopped tithing seven months ago, my business doubled, my marriage is better than it has been in years and I am healthy?
    Every week someone steps up to the pulpit and talks about tithing in my church. EVERY WEEK there is a message about giving more, and for years we did.
    But since I discovered that my church (LDS) takes in 13 million dollars a day in tithing money and doesn’t have to tell you it goes toward buying real estate and other things that are not church related (coincidence that during the last presidential election – when a Mormon was running for the highest office in the land, the tithing slips changes and we were told they could use tithing money for ANYTHING they deemed fit. I took that as a Presidential election donation and thus we stopped paying).
    Tithe if you want, get blessings or don’t. It never helped me, and in fact, I am better off without it.

  • Patty Corriveau

    This is good. When my husband and I moved to CA almost 10 yrs. Ago it was to us Gods will. It had to be. We left good paying jobs to no jobs. Found a place to buy at the last minute. God has been so faithful and has blessed us since we’ve been here. We pay our 10% and then some when God speaks to us. We bless our Pastor and his family. We can never do enough or out give God.

  • Tim Whitemyer

    This is a great article (although I came in with a chip on my shoulder after seeing the title on my Facebook feed!).

    When I first began to think about tithing, I became hung up on the idea of cheerful giving. “If you’re not giving with a thankful heart, you may as well give nothing at all,” I had heard someone say. Given my magnificent reasoning power (or not), it didn’t take long for me to decide: I’ll wait until I have a cheerful heart about the idea of giving the amount of a car payment to my church every day. And the minute I get that cheerful heart, I’ll jump right on it!

    Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the Spirit to nudge me to rethink this. The thought that wouldn’t go away was this: what if I commit to giving 10% UNTIL I have a cheerful heart and then decide what to do after that. So I studied my finances, made plans to cut out some spending and wrote that first check. I sent a lot of thankful prayers up North about the fact that I had been blessed enough to tithe that much. And after only a couple weeks, I truly developed that cheerful heart. And it will come as no surprise to anyone who tithes – I never even noticed that big chunk of money missing from my account. I didn’t give up my Starbucks habit or any of my other planned cuts. Yet I still had the same amount of money left at the end of each month.

    As the Spirit nudges me to bump that number up again, and I (true to form) find excuse after excuse not to, this article was both convicting and comforting. Thank you for that!

    • DJ McNutty

      well said

  • David S.

    This is why at the beginning of the month we give to our church. Then we also do a separate missions offering. Not every month is easy and sometimes by months end we do not have much left but we have never been without. We also run our own ministry in which we pay for supplies out of our own pocket. I have been truly amazed at the way God has in return blessed our family. I love how you put “God doesn’t just want 10%. He wants your whole heart!” That is great!

    Today while doing school my son actually asked me about sacrifices and offerings, I had a chance to explain to him what 1 Kings 18 was talking about and then about giving at church. I also got to talk to him about Mark 12:41-44. It was such a blessing to explain this all to him and then hear him say “why haven’t we given all that we have back?” I then had the chance to explain how we should be willing to give up everything if God calls us to do so, but that He also wants us to be able to have food on the table and shelter for the children He has blessed us with. It was so awesome talking to him about all of this. And then I find this article later on because a friend shared it on FB…AWESOME!

    Thank you for the great article Larry.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      That’s awesome David. One of my favorite things to do is talk about giving with my daughter (who is 8).

      Kids at that age seem to totally “get it”. My wife and I give online and we’ve started letting our daughter do it for us.

      We making giving a family experience–we celebrate, we pray, and we talk about all of the blessings God has given us each time we give.

      It’s incredible to look back each month and see just how faithful God is.

      • http://nashville.cities4life.org David S.

        That it is :)

  • Linda Holmes

    What do you do when you have one income and are living pay check to pay check?

    • Michelle

      That is the same question I have. I already have to not pay a bill or two every month so that I can feed my kids and have gas money to get me to and from work.

    • DJ McNutty

      It wasn’t too long ago that I lived paycheck to paycheck, and I wish I could answer your question without lacking empathy or sounding prideful. The short answer is stretch your faith! I started tithing when I lost my main source of income, I was only getting sporadic payments from odd-jobs here and there, but when I took out a tenth. It forced me to pray differently, think differently, and work differently. I won’t say my income increased as a direct result of tithing, but indirectly, it did. And all the while I never forgot what it was like when I took a buck fifty out of a ten dollar check, (that was my idea of giving above my tithe) so I can identify with those who are now financially struggling. I pray that you too will have a testimony of blessing as your faith increases

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Linda,

      I saw your question so I took the time to write an entire post on this subject that will be published tomorrow.

      I actually started giving when I was dead broke, and looking back I’m glad I did.

      It forced me to begin living on a budget (which is an absolute MUST if finances are tight), start attacking debt, and also pray/trust God like I never have before.

  • Tim Tyson

    Excellent article. When i first excepted the call to serve God in missions to Russia my understanding of Faith and sacrifice was so weak. But when i started sharing the vision to others about ministry Orphans and holistic discipleship of Orphans and street children.
    God gave me the revelation i was missing all along. I had no spiritual authority. How could i speak on sacrificial giving all that we are unless i first experienced it in my own life?! Others would follow if i first sold out. I had to go all in first. It was God’s plan, His word His heart is for Orphans. He was fully invested so i had to be also. Then others would follow. It was about a lifestyle of being a giver, cheerfully and giving everything! It is all God’s.
    And God was allowing me a privilege to sacrificially give and giving financially gave me authority as a co-owner of the vision not a renter. We are co-heirs with Christ Jesus!!!! This summer i move to Russia fulltime after 7 years of preparing and serving for 1-4 month trips.
    We know God will provide but with a little or a lot, we are thankful and content.
    I certainly have more room to grow but now i can share, preach, speak and serve in full joy. To give is truly better than to receive.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Tim, there is no greater calling than that of a missionary. Thank you for your willingness to go and serve Christ abroad.

      I’ll be praying for you! When exactly do you leave?

      • Tim Tyson

        Hello Larry,

        Considering the heightened crisis in Russia and Ukraine, i can’t openly share details of travel logistics. But i would gladly speak with you via phone.
        Will look for you on Facebook.

        God bless you.


        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Why I Quit Tithing Years Ago and Why You Should Too

  • http://www.sghomeonline.com/ Jonathan

    I like the direction the article is heading but it could go a step further. Biblically speaking, the poor are not commanded to tithe. The tithe are meant for the levites, and the poor.

    I found the teaching by Gary Carpenter liberating. Do read it up.

    And this one too: http://www.tithing-russkelly.com/id23.html

    a quote from
    Dr. James Kennedy:
    who are poor do not give tithes, but
    receive them either directly from loving
    neighbors and friends or through the ministry of the clergy. Any gift
    given by a
    poor person would be a free-will offering,
    not a tithe. The tithe is God’s tax, required for those who make a
    from their labor. It is not required from
    those who are on welfare or who are living from their savings. 3. Our
    first economic
    duty is to allow for the essential food,
    clothing and housing for our families. The tithe was not intended to
    prohibit us
    from providing essential, physical support
    for those who are members of our household (1 Tim. 5:1-8; Matt.
    15:3-9).”The Ordinance
    of Gleaning”

    In other words, those who strictly teach that the 10% tithing is necessary, including those (in the comments below), who could barely afford food, medicine, rental and housing – on the basis of the curse in Malachi 3:8-9, is guilty of same charge that the Pharisees did. Burdening the people and the poor, preventing them from proper worship in his temple (or the church of today.), because they cannot afford to.

    This is not the same as saying, don’t give, nor tithe. Like the widow who gave two mites, God honors. God loves the cheerful giver, out of the abundance of their heart. Those who have excess should and always give above and beyond their 10%, out of the conviction of their own heart. Freely give as you have freely received right?

    We should always encourage giving, even if you are poor. But the teaching that the poor has to tithe 10% (or whatever %) strictly by commandment or law or the threat of Malachi 3 is both unbiblical, and an unnecessary burden. An oppression of the poor if you must.


    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Just as in Malachi, those who give generously still have a covenant promise with God that: 1) He will “rebuke the devourer” and 2) that He will bless us more than we can contain.

      I always appreciate people who present the above argument as you have because I lived through “tithing when I was broke.”

      When I began tithing, I was writing weekly checks of less than $10…I was also in credit card debt and unemployed.

      It was those very experiences, when I had so little, that I experienced God’s faithfulness the most.

      And I know there is poverty here in American, and I’m not trying to discount that, but 80% of the world’s population lives on less than $10/day. America is the richest country in the world.

      I think we need to take Luke 12:48 to heart and do everything in our powerful to bless others through our giving. If you have food in your stomach, a roof over your head, and a shirt on your back, you have plenty to be thankful for.

      • http://www.sghomeonline.com/ Jonathan

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against giving, even if you are poor. If God convicts your heart to give, do so. There were times when I was challenged to give away my last 5 bucks to a stranger, not knowing where I’m going to get my next meal from. Between then and now I’ve always had, miraculously, enough.

        Can you still tithe and be blessed by God? Absolutely. I agree with you on that.

        I understand that during those hard times you tithed and have been blessed. Sure. Can it be for anyone today who are poor? Yes! But not under law. What prompted my response here was someone’s comments on how he/she could barely make ends meet and yet wants to tithe because he/she is doesn’t want to be accused of robbing God. Hearing that makes me very upset.

        What I am against are preachers who teach that if you fail to tithe, you are under a curse, and you are robbing from God. Firstly, the commandment to tithe does not apply to the poor. Secondly, we are under a new covenant. What the disciples did in the early churches were a far higher calling than the tithing system. The impetus to give is not “law”, but grace. Preachers preaching condemnation has to go, especially if it’s not even biblically accurate.

        I hope you can study that link with open mind. Many of us have been taught that about tithing from Malachi, myself included.

        Still, I will not discourage ‘tithing’ at all, if that is what the christian community likes to call it. If people needs a benchmark to start, 10% is a great benchmark to start giving, like you said. I think we have a higher calling than that.

  • Dennis Chamberland

    Loved this. The new covenant does NOT demand 10% – that was the old covenant where believers NEEDED the law. We do not. The Law lives inside us. But He is the Law of Love. We give to God for the same reasons we give to our spouse and our children. LOVE. You said it brother. However, I disagree that “He wanted proof that He was first in my life.” God’s doesn’t ‘need proof’ of anything – He already knows the precise state of our hearts. His motivation is love – out of His love He blesses us with the opportunity to trust Him by our gift of love. THAT is the basis of the new covenant blessing of giving.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Dennis, you made me laugh and cheer.

      I get my fair share of hate mail teaching on this subject, so it’s great when people energetically cheer me on.

      You did that tonight, so thank you!

      I just want people to experience the joy of generosity, and consequently the spiritual growth that comes with it!

      Thanks again.

  • MrPlentl

    So Good!

  • Heather Blair

    Wow, what a great post! Straight to my heart. This was a refreshing reminder, sometimes tithing becomes so routine that it’s just something that gets paid every month instead of an intentional act of worship.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Thanks Heather. We try hard to celebrate as a family when we give…especially in front of our 8-year old daughter. I want her to recognize that it’s worship and also fun.

  • Tracy Lynn

    While appreciate your ideas I respectfully choose to disagree. Here is one reason why:

    I do not want to follow a god that needs to know I recognize his “lordship” over me by giving him monetary wealth. If I were to believe in god it would be a god who cares nothing for the monetary creations of man. Money is a man-made device. The idea that god is interested in this currency is a disturbing thing to me. Always has been. I don’t miss the meaning of tithing. You give 10% of your money so god will bless you ten-fold. Really? That’s what god is concerned about? That’s what he wants us to be concerned about? And I’m not saying I think that you feel that’s ALL he wants you to be concerned about but to incorporate this evil, man-made creation into the supposed wants and desires of god is pretty strange and not something I would see god concerning himself with. But, if that was really the case here then he would not be a god I would choose to follow. Lordship? Really? Can we not step out of this dark age?

    Jesus was all about charity and giving to the poor and needy. Not judging others or their decisions to show their faith and trust in being truly charitable (giving to those truly in need – not the church).. Not hoarding and being selfish. I do not think money entered this thought process at all.

    But, I am not a religious person – I do not attend church and do not choose to follow a god that requires monetary sacrifice to show faith and trust and submission. But this was an interesting take on the subject.

    • inchbyinch

      Giving to the church is giving to people in need. Our church supports many orphanages, HIV hospitals in Africa, along with people in the community who need help. Where do you think that comes from? It comes from our giving.

    • DJ McNutty

      Truth is, there was tithing before there was “currency.” It was established as a tenth of the harvest of crops, even before that, Abram paid a tenth of war spoils to Melchizedek. Even one tree was set apart in the Garden. Currency is man-made, yes. But it’s a modern day man-made expression of seed and harvest, which has continuously changed throughout history. What hasn’t changed, is that humans—even those who identify as Christians—have consistently been deceived into believing it all belongs to them.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Tracy, God doesn’t need any humans money, but He does want to be first in our life…even before the God of materialism/money that is so prevalent in our culture.

      That’s why generosity is so important. It transfers an individual’s faith from things of this world to faith in a Sovereign God.

      Just curious, what religion are you?

      Thank you for taking the time to read the article and thoughtfully weigh in. I appreciate the discussion.

      • naperdesign.com

        “even before the God of materialism/money that is so prevalent in our culture”

        So, giving of yourself, whether it be your time or your money, to the benefit of others is materialism.? It’s materialism to decry giving.

      • Tracy Lynn

        Sorry for the delayed response Larry. I was raised in the Seventh-Day-Adventist church but no longer attend any organized religious institution. I have not held “stock” in religion since about the age of 17. It is the organized religion aspect that does not bode well with me. It is a long story…

        I would like to say that I am 100% for generosity. Generosity to me though, is sharing what I have with those that need it. While churches may say they use tithe for those in need it has been shown time and again that the wealth obtained from the flock is used to maintain administration, salaries, etc. of those in charge of where the funds are to be disseminated.

        I have to say that while tithing may have pre-dated the actual currency used to represent the 10% now, the idea is still there that we must give god earthly objects to prove our faith and trust in him. I thought god knew our hearts. As far as I understand it, god is omniscient. It is this idea that he needs us to WANT to give him these things that makes him seem needy, or power-hungry, in return.

        I am not out to offend anyone on your site. These are simply my own thoughts and opinions. I always welcome health debate :)

  • Kenneth Lamar James


  • Bobbie Hyre

    As I realized I can’t out give God and that this is the one thing that God asks us to prove Him on. It is a step of faith where we learn that God is our source and supply. Our thinking must change. god only asks for the tenth the other 90% belongs to us! With that we can give offerings as unto the Lord. God has proven Himself time and time again to us. He has soverienly sold 2 homes for us , one without even putting up a for sale sign or even speaking to anyone but Him of our desire to sell. God is so faithful! Giving your tithes and offerings is not about God’s provision in the good. times, but in the bad times you w I’ll find the righteous are never forsaken or begging bread. God bless you in seeing the truth …

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Hey Bobbie, my wife and I had a similar experience selling our town home.

      I could tell story after story about how the Holy Spirit prompted us to give to certain causes (even when we didn’t have money), only to bless us in incredible and unexpected ways.

      I truly recognize that none of it belongs to me…that I’m just a funnel for His blessings. It’s a fun place to be.


    Amen brother! Oh so true.. & God certainly didn’t abolish the law.. HE observed it PERFECTLY..COMPLETELY, PERFECTLY.. HE FULFILLED THE TRUE LAW UTTERLY.. DO HE could become our total Righteousness, to pay for our sins &help us to become truly obedient children, out of LOVE…Not bc we ‘have to’.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Right on! We don’t “got to give,” but rather we “get to give.”

      It’s a privilege.

  • REX

    thank you for the insights. in my own opinion you combine the tithe and offering. most of the christians are faithful tithe giver but are not faithful in offering…if we study deeper about this two things (tithe and offering) we would value tithe and offering as god commands. to make the story short giving tithe is heeding the everlasting gospel in revelation 14:6,7 to worship god who make all things things and giving glory is one of d way by giving offering.
    titheis a sign that you confess to all men that you are only a stewward of what you own. by witholding tithe you are witnessing to others that all that you call your own is not comes from god.

    offering is a sign that ass a sons and daughters of our creator we see or acknowledge our creator is not only a provider and sustainer but a loving heavenly father who bless us abundantly…..sunshine…strenght….ait rain …who delivered us everyday and show his salvation…
    god bless the wicked and the righteous but the difference of this two the one acknowledges that all the blessings comes from god.
    if you withold your tithe our acknowledgement of our being steward of material things would be only forfeited the sight of our god…and if we w/hold offering we are blind of the goodness and blessings that god has bestowed unto us everyday and we are counted us one of the nbeliever or wicked
    that is what i understand about tithe and offering and not only tithe

  • naperdesign.com

    A greed based article using religion to try and legitimize it…

  • Mark

    But I still don’t get it, if all the apostles and even apostle Paul never mentioned thiding, although he knew the law very well and we don’t see the first church it practicing, then why is it still present in the church today??? I agree we should give generously, that’s correct, but why thiding?? I don’t want to debate, just really want to know it!

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      I’ll do my best to interject here.

      I think if we could see inside the heart of Paul, and all the other apostles after Jesus’ death and resurrection, we’d see that they wanted the New Testament church to give well above what would even be considered a “tithe” or 10%.

      You can see this in 2 Corinthians 8:2-3 when Paul is encouraging the New Testament churches to be more like the church of Macedonia…to give sacrificially and extremely generously. Look what it says:

      “In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.”

      Now to answer your questions.

      1. Why didn’t the apostles talk about tithing?

      I think because they expected even more than a mere 10%. Jesus didn’t lower the bar, He raised it. The apostles realized that.

      2. Why do we talk about tithing in the church today?

      Because most Christians don’t know where to start with their giving. Tithing is a great starting point.

      If you teach people to simply give as they feel led, the majority of the time they’ll rationalize not to give at all…we’re greedy by nature.

      Did you know that American Christians give on average less than 3% of their income to the church. Compare that to many of the Old Testament Jews who gave as much as 23%-25% (tithes and offerings). That’s backwards!

      Look, if you want to argue that tithing is outdated, I’m okay with that…but not if you are using that argument as a means to give less. Under the covenant of grace, we should excel in all areas.

      I whole-heartedly believe that the devil has used tithing/giving to stir up resentment and dissension among Christians because he knows that nothing enriches the soul, enhances spiritual maturity, and propels the gospel faster and farther than faithful and generous giving.

      • Mark

        Thank you very much! I appreciate you took the time to answer! It has really helped me to get the picture! Well explained! And yes giving generously would never should be a problem for us, Jesus gave more than we ever could give! Thanks and God bless you!

  • Jeni Rose

    Hello, Im Jen, I agree completely and I struggle because what if after you pay al your bills you want to give to God but it’s a teeter todder between giving it to Him or eating. I feel His sadness but I don’t know why to do. Do I not eat, and I must pay my bills that are due. Please if you have some helpful insight I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Jeni, I’ve got this question so much lately that I decided to write about it today.

      Make sure to check this out (see below). Doing Step #1 is an absolute must if you want to escape the rat race and stop living paycheck to paycheck. I hope this helps.


  • Olu A Banjo

    This is an amazing write up. The title in very captivating and sounds quite controversial, leaving a potential reader with a feeling of curiosity and of natural suspense.
    Hmmmmm I was thinking is he saying stop tithing become you have been brainwashed. My curiousity lead me to opening the link and as I read line after line, and paragraph after paragraph, my suspense grew. I was more intrigued to keep reading, because I Wanted to catch up with the thought process of the writer.
    By the time I got to the last paragraph not only could I totally relate with his story. I also had a better understanding of his title. I realized that I limited God in my life by limiting my tithing to a 10% when he really requires me to give a 100% of myself. That is dying to my flesh and living my life afresh in the spirit because that is the only way I can give all of me. I want to thank the writer for this beautiful post. I vow to stop “tithing” and i promise to be “tied in” to the word of God always and in all ways

    Written by Olu Abimbola Banjo.
    Dictated by T.M.A

  • Sonya Hearrell Piatt

    Wonderful message! God has tremendously blessed us. We’ve given extra tithe and to Faith Promise Missions for years and it never makes sense with our budget, yet we always pay our bills. 2 years ago, God gave us everything back that we had given to Faith Promise the year before. It still amazes me how good God has been to us. The blessings certainly aren’t always financial, but following God’s principles ALWAYS works in our favor.

  • l everly

    I appreciate much of what you have to say here, but this concerns/confuses me:
    “And yes, God wanted to bless my finances tremendously, but only if I trusted him completely”.

    Is there any danger in guaranteeing people material blessing if they “trust completely”? Aren’t we dependent on God’s grace and not our own efforts? That “if” is the problem. What if someone has “trusted completely” and then they don’t get what they expected God to provide? The emphasis should not be on what we get from God… we should give to Him because we want to walk w Him. Plus, who trusts completely? Sometimes we give in faith w/o perfect trust because we are being obedient. And even that imperfect leap of faith might not yield what we’d thought it would, but that’s okay, cause we didn’t obey in order to get something from God. We obeyed cause He calls us to do so.

    The blessing that comes from trusting God with finances is more about the heart, from what I gather from Scripture. Getting our heart aligned w God’s, learning to trust, and not being ruled by fear about money (or anything else), or by our desire for His material blessing. Desiring him for his own sake instead.

    • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

      Please re-read the entire article. You’ve taken the 16 words quoted above out of context. This definitely wasn’t a prosperity gospel message.

      We should never be generous with the “expectancy” of getting material possessions in return.

      However, when we truly have a heart of generosity and give in a spirit of worship, submission, and faith, the byproduct 100% of the time is blessings. It’s the principle of sowing and reaping.

      Those blessings come in many forms…including financial blessings at times.

      And that’s not my guarantee. It’s God.

      Be blessed. I hope this helps.

  • john edalaf

    I am a doctor who live in an African country where most people are very religious but its obvious no one truly loves their neighnour. Our pastors live in extravagance. They use the best cars and private jets. They even have private universities that an average member of their church can’t afford to go.
    I relocated to the biggest city in my country since last year due to work and I am yet to see a church I can attend every sunday. They are all just too materialistic and fake for my spirit.
    I have resolved to just staying at home and watching Joseph Prince on my dstv every sunday and really I get more blessed than actually going to a church here!
    Now the problem is this. I want to give my money time and service to God through a church here and touch the lives of people but I can’t point to any church around here that can help me with that. I have prayed to God in my heart to please give me a church but seriously I am yet to hear anything from him.
    Please what do I do about this? The first step to thiting is to actually have a church. I really don’t know what to do.

  • cwewill

    If you still give 10% you haven’t quit!

  • Vito Semion Defronzo

    I hate articles that have a title that suggests one thing but when you dig into the article it says the exact opposite. “And that’s why I quit tithing” –> “… dont hear me wrong i still give the first 10% of my income to God through my local church” Okay so you DIDN’T quit tithing. I’ve paid tithes my whole life but I’ve never liked it. It always felt like I was giving my money to people not God. Especially when these people are in your ear ALL service about how you should tithe tithe tithe, yet they are living the good life. I think that I’m a good person, I help where i can, and i treat people how I would want to be treated. I believe in a higher power and i believe he/she wants us to do what is right. If my time comes and that’s not enough for God, I don’t know what is.

  • Nikki Smith

    This is what I needed to hear! Great way to explain to someone that does not understand tithing. I never knew how to say the right words. Thanks! :)

  • JustSharing
  • http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/ Ugochi

    You know, I have discovered some Christians just give their tithes and hands off, like to tell God, I have done my bit. But giving because you love God not just to fulfil the law, always prompts you to go over and beyond… My husband and I have always believed this. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Richy Pope

    Giving is supposed to be an act of worship that draws you closer to the heart of God.
    No, it was to support the priesthood in Israel because they were not allowed to own land and they were working around the clock in the Temple and had no other ways to make a living. It was also to take care of the poor.

  • Cal Reaves

    This is one of the most amazing Christian posts I’ve ever read. (I know I sound like a spammer, but I’m not. Lol)

    The tithing issue is still being debated, but I still give mine because I truly believe God. He hasn’t failed me yet in my finances. All glory is due to him.

    Tithing for me is an act of Faith. Faith pleases God. God honors his word.

    The fact that you are going above and beyond, encourages me to so more.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Trent Williams

    This is Phenomenal stuff Larry! as a full-time worship pastor, I’ve become overwhelmed with what I call “bare minimum Christianity.” What’s the least I can do and be blessed by God? I’ll be honest on a ministry salary, it has been hard to keep bills paid at times let alone give openly. But,I have been convicted to do better, be better, give more and out of nowhere God has been tremendously blessing every area of my life…This article has sparked the theme of our Music ministry workshop teaching next week “Servanthood: Bare minimum or Total surrender”

  • Reginald GodsChild Stevenson

    J.C. Penny did not just stop at 10% he gave as much as 90% of his income away.

  • Melissa

    This article did not go as I expected. I was expecting it to be about the lack of support for tithing (with money) in scripture.

  • http://DNATechnologySolutions.com Daniel Davis

    Larry, I came across your page while doing a search for a good wordpress plugin for my local ministries webpage to be able to process tithing (just a keeping with the convenience of the times sort of thing). I saw the title and my mind was flooded with anger. I opened your site eager to skim through your comments, completely prepared to offer my predisposed comment: “I understand and appreciate your argument Larry, now appreciate mine. You’re an idiot”.

    I must say after reading the entirety of your post how cleverly deceitful the title is. More importantly, AMEN brother! I was born Catholic and raised Mormon. If you know anything about the Mormon faith, tithing is second nature. Tithing for me was always easy until I was in my mid 20s anyway. About a year ago, I started living for God. I mean, REALLY living for God. He leads my life in every way and I am overjoyed to keep what he tells me I can. You couldn’t be more right. I can’t tell you how freeing it was to finally learn what it was to live for God.

    Many good Christians adopt the philosophy that since God has blessed them they OWE him his 10% of what they earn. This sounds noble in theory, but as you pointed out has one major flaw. It is not our earnings that we give to him out of the grace of our heart.

    We are stewards of GOD’s wealth. When we realize that, life is simple. Its why I can take half of my entire savings ($5,000) and throw it on a vehicle my sister is borrowing so that I can give her the vehicle (even when she owes me a good $1,500).

    He who is faithful in a little will be faithful in a lot. Forget the stock market, INVEST IN GOD. His return never goes negative.

    Would love to have you link with me on FB Larry. (https://www.facebook.com/daniel.davis.1840070).